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Who here lost interest in the game?

Im one of those who played this game for months and was very happy with my progress before the “proudly” announced update. So yeah im Calling those who lost interest in the game and near quitting because of the following:

  1. A very unstable gaming experience because of the hard reset that ludia did due to the unprecedented “buff/ nerf” to majority of the dinos hence ruining your entire lineup
  2. A very unstable gaming experience specifically because of what they did to the likes of Tryko and Maxima. (These two can finish an entire team in arena and there nothing we can do about it. And obviously Ludia will not do anything about it because they are banking on their “just spend to be SLIGHTLY stronger”.)
  3. A very buggy game, and became more buggy after the update (seems everything was not planned well and the company just hoped for the best)
  4. Letting all new players sink in the wormhole because they dont stand a chance going up the are a ladder (obviously because of number 2). Lets face it, this is the ultimate goal and not the raid part. Raids are not even a priority.
  5. An imbalance “arena matching”. I just find this so ironic and the company really had the balls to even mention a note about this during the loading screen before battle. I mean come on, your facing dinos whos level are 4 or more levels than then after losing to these players You’ll end up losing a big trophy count? Where’s the arena matching in that??
  6. An unfair distribution of zones. Yes you guys will
    Mention that they will switch out the zones once a month but come one? Zone 2 is still way above the rest meaning those people in that current zone will be on a good headstart. And zone 4 will have to wait ages just to br in a good zone. Well if you ask me before i reach 2 months of playing before reaching zone 2 most likely ive lost interest in the game already. And who knows what “buff/nerf” ludia will do again in a span of 2 months? More or less it will end up screwing your tram again right?

This is more of a survey so that Ludia can see the gravity of their very good trophy update.


I have lost interest long ago,the game is broken in every aspect that you can imagine,filled with bugs, fix 1,introduce 2. Arena- win 1 match-20 trophies, lose a match- lose 40 trophies. Darting- give away components of OP hybrids like candy, boosts-broken, creatures-broken. I have shifted to its elder brother Jurassic World The Game and have no regrets.


I agree with you 100%

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I hope people are not affraid to express themselves here.

Who isnt expressing themselves?

I’ve lost interest in the arena and try to get it done as quickly as possible.
You know whether you’ve won or lost as soon as the tiles flip most of the time and there isn’t anything you can do about it.
Even if they do balance it out in their vision of Cunning, Resilient, Fierce where everything counters everything it will still be what you and your opponent draw that determines the outcome.

Agree there.

I’m happy. They rotate now and we will have Giga scents for probably 6 more months. I can now go hunting and then couch hunt while watching King of the Hill.
The new zoning system is the best it’s ever been.

That being said the raids are awesome.
Wednesdays fly by because I spend the entire day shooting the breeze on discord while raiding with my alliance, look at the clock, and have to scramble to get my chores done before the wife gets home.
The only downside is that I spend the rest of the week looking forward to Wednesday.


I’ve not lost interest. I’m still enjoying the game but I will say that I preferred the old style creature abilities over the 2.0 format. The new style has sapped a little bit of enjoyment from the Arena for me. The new abilities work better for Raids, not so much for the Arena.


When the two of the top players quit you know that something is wrong with the game… I completely agree with you!


I haven’t lost interest, but I still find it stupid that tanks can fully negate damage for 2 turns. So I still refuse to use instant invincibility on maxima.

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You’re just one of those people who is very hard to please.
You create your own fun, your own game. You don’t need to like every aspect of it.
I don’t like the arena right now, fine… I’ll just farm and do raids instead.
Not enough spawns in your zone? Dude, move! We’re being spoiled with giga scents and whatnot, no idea why it’s still not enough for you.
Balance is overrated.


I agree with 3. This game is filled with so many bugs after the update. “Match Timed Out” bug is the most annoying, but Ludia never fix it.

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Not so long ago I thought I had lost interest in the game.

I rarely spent more time than I had to in the arena, and doing my dailies was sometimes an annoyance rather than fun. But I knew 2.0 was imminent and I wanted to give it a chance.

2.0 has a few issues, primarily the fact that so many dinos are only relevant for the raid bosses now, but other than that I love it.

People who don’t like the arena can still have fun now with 4 raid bosses a week. You can make new friends and discuss strategies etc… and the discord community is amazing.

I love the skill tourneys too, the zone rotation, and the banter with friends I’ve made in the game.

The most satisfying part of the game is the way so many players are happy to help others out. It warms my heart to see this, and I fully commend the game designers for the raid boss idea.


I’m enjoying the game more now. My arena participation is sporadic, but that’s nothing new. Too many issues there to keep me wanting to play. But the raids and zone rotations are a blast. If I didnt work Wednesdays, I’d spend all day with many groups to beat mortem. It really gets your adrenaline going.


Okay look, Ludia has its problems with jwa but its still a really good game but have you ever had to make your own game (I tried it with a friend in 4th grade actually, it was hard. We made a animation too).

  1. Not every sigle dino is going to be balanced. It is impossible and if that was true, then nothing would be fun. Some good dinos take out good dinos and lose to some bad dinos like maxima takes out many uniques but loses to thyla and sucho.
  2. Sure jwa is pay to win in some aspects but in reality, can you just search up a creature and pay money to get its dna like in jurassic world the game (still not even pay to win, just play long time)? Boosts are pay to win, not dinos. You have to play for like almost a year to get your first unique and like half a year to get a legendary. Nothing is going to be handed to you.
  3. Every game has bugs and they solved a lot of them but new ones always happen. Some can be good like rotation bug. And also, this game is going to have more bugs than most considering it uses a map of the whole world and adds dinos, strikes, sanctuaries, raids and supply drops to it which is a lot in itself and then you add the fact that there are hundereds of dinos, a whole arena, tourneys, alliances, links to forums which is something else they need to do, etc a lot. Trust me, thiis game is not going to be perfect but that doesn’t make it boring.
  4. I started pretty late, like a little over a year ago; almost half way from when they started and I can now have 3 uniques and can make many more legendaries and uniques. New players aren’t left in the dust. You start gettings 15’s after like two months which enable you to eventually get a legendary. It takes like 8 mohts to get a unique and like 4 months to get a legendary. After that oyu start progressing a lot. Raids are fun, nothing in this game is a priority. Don’t make it seem like a job, its supposed to be fun.
  5. Do you have a better way of balancing. It is better than power based since if its power based, then it’s possible to have like 6,000 trophies while facing people with 16’s. It should be trophy based since it places people where they should be in the arena with the progress they have had in the game. Do you have a better way to do it since this is the way every single game does it? If your facing people with 4 levels higher than you, it means you are at the peak of where you are going to be in the arena until upgrading or replacing dinos.
  6. Sure, the zones are unfair but this update made them more fair. Area 2 used to be even more unbalance. It had some of the best rares such as quetz, draco, erliko g2, and einaushcus. Now it has bary g2 which is still good but the others were replaced with nodosaurus and bajadaosurus. That is awful. They also replaced their second best epic with mammoth which is an upgrade but I would have preferred darwin to stay. The other zones got better to except for area 1 while zone 2 got more balanced.

Whatever you complain about, I will explain the reasoning unless I can’t


I agree that the game is not uninteresting. I hate it at times, and love it at others. But, I figured I would throw my opinion out there in regards to your post.

I don’t get this. I played from August '19 to October '19 and had Indo. By Nov I had Thor, Maxima, Erlidominus, and…something else…can’t remember right now. I did play a lot though. I spent some money on a few of the level up offerings.

This is not like any game I have played. Typically it would be completely by the count, which in this case is trophies. Because strength is used, smaller teams go further then they should and then start having to meet way bigger teams. In reality, the smaller teams should not have gotten that far to begin with. Also, the losses taking more trophies than the gains regardless of levels is probably broken and I do not think it was meant to be that way. Most games I have played have a limit to how much you can drop, but JWA you can literally put out your smallest leveled dinos, drop back to the first arena, then put your real team back out and wreck shop.

That is true, but also, the range of that balance could be a little less drastic. Most people do agree Maxima is a bit much right now.

Yeah, but JWA has some pretty bad bugs that have lingered for a long time and they have a tendency of basically replacing bugs with more bugs. Its understandable to have some map related bugs, but many of the JWA bugs come across as being…well…laziness brought on by prioritizing new features to generate more revenue.

I find that after a while, you start progressing less because the resource ratios are skewed…mainly…it becomes a quest for coins.

With all that, I do not find the game uninteresting…honestly, there is a lot to do in this game. I do not care about trophies so long as I hit 4750, I am good (I usually hit in 4900). I battle a ton, more than most people and I see the issues, but I still play. I play the tournaments (got #332 in the last one WHOOO!). The lab, the hunting, the darting…it all is so different from the other tasks in the game that I do not think I could ever be disinterested. I could though (and do), get a bit ragey because of the bugs, Ludia’s decisions, and matchmaking.


I meant every game that does battle like clash of clans, clash royale, battle royale games( in a way), and others do it by trophies. I said a year, forgot to delete that and then later said 8 months, and 4 months to get a legendary. I think I didn’t play for a while so that’s why. I love this game and hate some parts of this game so I don’t know why people say everything is bad.


I’ve lost interest in the arena with this update. I’m flat out not interested in the raids (I do take part whenever I can though, to help out others), and I’m bored of, yet again, darting the same creatures.

I do love JWA, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wish it was how it was back when it first came out - about 10+ new creatures/hybrids at a time.


I haven’t lost interest in the game but you are right about the matchmaking, I’m fighting lvl 23 maxima with a 17 arodonto.

I have not lost interest in the game but raids to me are stale now.

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They should like basically add all the jw the game dinos like 50 at a time but not hybrids. I like the jwa hybrids better. They just have to add 50 or 25 classice jw the game dinos plus some new ones maybe and then add like 5 hybrids. It would be so cool!