Who is benefiting more from the event the players or Ludia


Is this event another way for Ludia to make money? take Concavenator for example you get 3 pitiful attempts to get it in the wild but you better be an expert shot and predict where it’s going to go because if it hits a red hex grid it escapes or you’re a terrible shot (Like me XD) . Now say you don’t get it well Ludia was like you can buy for 2670 in game bucks that’s round 20-50 dollars in real money depending on where your in game bucks are if you have close to 2670 you’re going to pay less if you don’t have many you’re going to pay more. Now of course you don’t have to buy the incubators the question is Does Concavenator periodically show back up in the wild from time to time like T-rex does or other random epics or is it one and done? I do enjoy the game I’m not really upset i didn’t get Concave i do hope he pops up from time to time and I can get him but I don’t think I’m going to spend 50 dollars on an incubator.


I got him with the 3 hits! got 6 spare Dna so was a close call. That being said, yes it is a way for them to make fast money, but I’m 99% sure they will spawn like any other dinosaur.


Nice that you got him I didn’t as probably my screen on my phone isn’t big enough and i’m not able to shoot very well :sweat_smile: but congrats on getting him


I got him to with 40 extra DNA. Just made sure I was close as possible before starting


Yeah getting close is key, i got him almost lvl 12 76/100, but honestly for now i dont think you can find him normally, maybe afther the 7 days event


I don’t like that the epic’s they give you only 3 chances and commons they give you over and beyond what is needed as they already spawn in the wild in vast amounts. Some days I can attack very well other days I am off by that one or two hits causing me to lose out on the required dna. Rares and Epics are already so scarce on this game the one time you get a opportunity they limit the heck out of it which is sad. Game needs some serious tweaking on alot of things that they should have already judged from another game that is currently top dog.


:rofl: I not only got it, but also levelled it on 12, belive to evolve him to 13, if not catching in car​:persevere:


I’m kinda lucky cos I’ve a massive park next to me that I walk the dog in at least 4/5 times a day and I’m getting loads of spawns of dinosaurs and green stops I made about three grand I’m coins from just going walks today


Although one thing that’s a pain is parts of the park have highland cows with massive horns and the game has a habit of spawning gold dinos in the parts of the park that they live and I’m not brave enough to go after them so I just have to stare at the map and wonder what could have been


Does any one know if concavenator spawns in the wild?