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Who is better#1

Gonna start a series of poles and discussions on Dinos who fill the same niche and see who come up on top first off tank-counter attackers

  • Diorajasaur
  • Trykosaurus

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And by raptor Jesus of a landslide the winner is Trykosaurs Rex

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Tryko is better than dio despite the fact that it has better stats, and it has a rampage, though diorajasaur is a better raptor and procerathomimus dealer.

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If your team doesn’t like something that can cleanse distracted effect. Then Diorajasaur is gonna be a nuisance.

I prefer facing higher level Trykosaurus than lower level Diorajasaur so I think Diorajasaur is better in term of power. (To my team at least)

It depends on the opponent. For the majority of opponents, yes Tryko is a beast. For the worst nuisances in the meta, however, Dio is king. With Superiority Strike and Precise Shattering Counter, Dio make Tryko look like a big club when faced against creatures with cloaks, evasive or distractions.

They are both equally good and counter different things.
For example, Tryko will lose to Indo G2 while Dio waffle stomps it.
It’s an apples to oranges comparison.

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I dont know about equally good… their is a reason one is a tyrant and the other hogh apex and that is Tyrko has more winnable match ups then dio… as has been stated dio beats some stuff Tryko looses to…

To me it goes like this… Tyrko is one of the few dinos to have 100% winrate vs gemini… while gemini has 100% winrate vs dio.


I mean you can see the real difference why tryko is better in most cases

But like you said each does better than the other in some areas but they also over lap in a lot of areas hence the comparison

I feel like tryko is better because what he counters fits into essential… where as Dio is more of a Luxury. And that Luxury has a trade off as it has more bad matchups.

Lol um I don’t get it :sweat_smile:

Can pls explain for my small brain self

Its more important to have something that hard counters stuff like gemini… then stuff like indo.

On the flip side dio only beats 3 out of the 10 tyrants and 7 out of the 18 high apex. So 10 good vs 18 bad matchups. Where tryko has 6 out of 10 tyrants and 10 out of 18 high apex. So tryko has 16 good vs 12 bad matchups.

Simple version, tryko counters the dino with the highest winrate in the game and had more good then bad matchups. While dio doesnt and has almost 2x the amount of bad matchups then good.

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Oh ok thxs I got it

Its why i always laugh when people say to run dio to counter procerat… sure dio beats procerat hands down… but procerat beat 3 out of 10 tyrants and 16 out of the 18 high apex. Which means your running a dino with 10 good matchups to counter a dino with 19 good matchups. So your significantly lowing your teams winrate % to beat a dino with a significantly better winrate. In a game with random teams one good matchup isnt worth 18 bad ones.


Next are the long necks

Ah yeah, 69 voters

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