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Who is better #2

Time for second match up and it’s between the to MVPs herbivores of the game.

So who is better overall

  • Geminititan
  • Ardentismaxima

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And by popular vote the winner is maxima

Ardent is better simply due to her crit chance, and having a impact and a rampage while gemini lacks a impact.

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As it stands now, I’d have to go with maxima.
I’d like to revisit this when the changes from the survey have been announced tho.

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Ya but then they might also take away Gemini’s immunity so we will see I suppose

“I think boosts is the best dino!” =P

Well I couldnt say which is best since I didnt face them, but I think Gemini looks cooler.
I do love Brachio style but Maximus Noodlus Maridius looks like one of those plastic dinosaurs kids play with in the sand pit.

Thats why I call it Toy lol

The only true counter Geminititan has is Trykosaurus, while Ardentismaxima has dozens.

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Yeah best not to try figure out why I do the things I do, leads to headaches eveb wheb I try lol

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Gemini falls short on almost everything.
Maxima does 1.5x, 2x damage and so forth, combined DSR+30% crit rate. Defense wise, 5700 hp with 15% armor makes its real HP 6555.

There’s only two things gemini has in advantage:
1, first round damage;
2, survivability versus speedsters without shield breaking ability.

Not saying gemini must be built into something way better in light of its ingredients. It should be at least more reliable than it is now.

I run both at the same level (lv 28 Maxima, lv 27 Gemini). The difference is small: Maxima is easier to use, almost an auto-pilot dino. But if you can use it and can play mind-games, I think Gemini is a bit better

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Wow lol I didn’t realize it get this close

Next we go to the swimmers