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Who is better#4: chompers

Okay now we are on to the chomper as I did with the hadrosaurs we will be grouping hybrids who have similar roles in the meta
So let get on with it.

And indom gen 2

So cast your votes who is the best overall chomper

  • Trykosaurus
  • Thordolosaur
  • Tenotorex
  • Tyrannolophosaur
  • Allosinosaurs
  • Indominus Rex
  • Indominus Rex gen 2

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Why are Thor’s stats at level 30?

Fixed lol I really hate that glitch

Tough choice. personally i like tryko. But between it and thor/ tenonto it looses. But wins against the indoms, allosino, and tyrannoloph.

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It won’t be easy for you young Padawan, but chose wisely

It’s strange moderators choose Thor, not saying anything or accusing but it seem suspicious