Who is better after this update

Ok ik I did this but after this update I really wanna ask this who is better.

Eddie one the best epics

Or it’s hybrid Bajatondon

  • Bajatondon
  • Edmontoguandon

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I honestly feel bad for Baja but he should have tried to copy the turtle I feel like he gonna follow his parent in low apex maybe high alpha but not likely

Yeah edmonto is better since baja never survives long enough for devastation… and there’s too many dinos out there that just downright crush the poor thing
Baja doesn’t have a stun move either, or a nullify, that’s why edmonto is better since it can actually nullify and stun


yeah eddie can at least do something when he is front and center. Baja comes in, tickles you with 2x sup strike then has to get out otherwise he is dead at this point. He is like the worst “team player”, when playing with him, you end up with a full hp Baja and a dead team most of the time.


Lol yup (10)

Can tell you that from recent personal experience
image image image image image image image image image
Tried to come in twice the fact it did NO DAMAGE TO MY SPEEDSTER should mean something right?

Both Eddie and Baja are useless for me