Who is better parent or hybrid

Place you bets/votes folks

(Honestly wanna know the answer cause it’s very close… idk if that’s a problem)

  • Indominus Rex
  • Erlidominus

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I feel like there is more of a loss in using erlidom than using Indominus

I think Erlidom’s swap-utility and revenge-killing ability with that speed makes up for its inability to pierce armour.
It depends on the opponent, but I think Erlidom is better in general.

Indominus is definitely really good too.

Ya but honestly as whole I think indom better cause os the health and armor piercing

4500 > 3300

Sure erlidom is faster but indom can still beat creatures even if they are faster.

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APR>R is debatable. High T1 damage is important.
API>S&R is a bit far flung. Being able to escape without getting hugely punished is VERY helpful.
APS>MSS is just false. Not even a question. In the age of speed boosts, MSS is a great move, particularly on an immune.

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I have both. Erlidom is far far superior. Not even close.

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Depends on if erlidom can go through indoms cloak.

Indom is not that good compare too Erlidom, less good to revenge kill and can’t beat the Erlidom counters

I don’t find a way who Indom is better than Erlidom

Indom may look better on the surface but erlidom has that revenge kill capability and fast cloaking. And it can rampage first turn

Easy answer: Erlidominus.

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Even if my technical parent has more health and can pierce through armor my technical sibling is still better due to its speed