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Who is better to go for?


Utarinex or Thoradolosaur?


It really depends on your team and its current needs… if you need a chomper you cant go wrong with thor, however if you need a faster dino with good survival abilities thanks to swap out, rinex may fit your needs better.

Thor is easier to create so thats something to consider as well.


If you have access to Dracorex, I would suggest you to go with Utarinex. He is more flexible than Thoradolosaur. I pour all Sino DNA on him and no regret. :smiley:


This is a really popular question!

My answer is always, Utility.

I think Utari is a better opener and Thor is a better revenge killer/tank buster. What do you need more? You wont be dissapointed with either one though.


Personally, i would say thor or utasinoraptor are both better than utarinex in the current meta, the only thing utarinex has that is better is it’s utility in the run move. Damage-wise or one on one utahsino and thor are both much better


It’s sick that utarinix still have lower speed then the utasinoraptor.