Who is it?

who is the new match?

Another new match!?! :roll_eyes:
They really need to stop adding new matches and finish the storylines they currently have.


Hmm, could it be Cain Angelus?

I don’t recognize the colors ans style from the characters we see every day in the match system. I’m thinking it’s someone new.

Hmmm now what you mention it, it could be Caius, think the colors do match.

Here he is! He is so yummy!


They added another new male character instead of updating a female? :roll_eyes:
That’s the second week so far this year where there’s been no female update. :rage:

Not that I’m complaining, he definitely seems intriguing, but I’m really surprised it’s not one of the still unavailable matches that we’ve been seeing for ages

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Guessing this guy is a mafioso judging by the “bring home to the family” line, the mentions of danger and family business in the extended info, and the fact that so many mob plot lines in interactive romance apps have LIs with super Italian names.

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Oh my word. I finally matched with this guy, and the first date was a RIDE.

Soooo… they introduced a new character, allowed us to chat with him 4 times and that’s it? Will it be a second week without update? And yeah, I know that there’re matches that haven’t been updated for over a year but in this case it’s a bit different, right? I mean, why would you start a new story at all if you don’t intend to update it more regularly?
The story seemed to me intriguing but I’ve already fallen out of it.

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