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Who is Martinus?!?!?!

So I had to relog into my account, but it was taking forever and then this showed up, never have I gotten something in a different language a part from raid notifications from people in other countries, but it turns out this is Latin…
So I went and translated it, it has absolutely nothing to do with Internet Connection or why I couldn’t load in, instead it is the weirdest thing ever, I don’t even understand all of it, clearly a bit of broken translation, but it talks about some leader called Martinus and another person who stands in the place of governors and provinces. Then it talks about showing mercy and whatever, so I have absolutely no idea what this is. Here’s the Google translation:

If anybody knows what any of that means, please feel free to share, this is a whole new kind of strange from Ludia…


GT is known to screw things up, so I’d take those with a grain of salt, but that’s still a weird text box to come up

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I mean most of the text seems related like its from some medieval time talking about mercy and leaders and whatever. So like some seems incorrect, but it looks like it got a decent amount of it correct…

Possible placeholder perhaps? I’ve used placeholders in projects so I have a visual idea of where something is while my partner was working on the design for the sprite, model, etc. It was purely for fun tho, nothing to turn in or hit the market. We just liked making games.

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It’s place holders… this thread gives more context

Yeah, I’m just curious about the context behind that text though lol.

It’s probably the no internet thing(Notice the reconnect button). To fix it just sign out of Game Center or Google play or whatever and then sign back in. Should fix it.

Idk maybe one of the devs just copy pasted some random Latin they used for a language class and then realized “oh crap, I need a placeholder” Control+V.

Lol had a good laugh out of this one :rofl: Perhaps it’s the lost storyline behind Lord Lythronax’s medieval conquests :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


huh, weird, I have gotten raid notifications from 1 specific person that is always what I believe is latin, wasn’t enligsh that’s for sure

Same problem here. Can’t log in.
Edit: working normally now.

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looks like a protester that has a problem

How did u fix it

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Usually it glitches out for an hour or so, so you need to switch over to your mobile data in the mean time and go back to your WiFi later.