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Who is on the "Winning" side of poor Matchmaking?.. ME!

Yup! I’m one of many who are on the GOOD side of poor matchmaking. I’m playing my primary account for the first time since getting my trophy’s to show a couple weeks ago; To which I only played once each month the last 3 months. I made a few unique’s and just wanted to try them out.

This is my team:

These were my two opponents teams to which when my new Utarinex hit and run to Thor, my 2nd opponent sat their phone down and let me win.

Opponent1 Opponent2

So you wonder who that person was that was so many levels higher? I like my Maxine. It countered Yoshi very well.

By the way. Those teams were 300 and 500 trophy’s above me.


Honestly they probably wouldnt be up there if it werent for boosts, but neither would I so Boosts have been a blessing and a curse…


I wouldnt say im on a good or bad side to match making… its just fair for me… opponents are fair win some lose some… trophy gains and losses are fair.

Ive been playing matches for fun lately rather then a means to an end…

What I think has happened in the last couple months is the team level vs trophy range has changed so that the team level I am at now that it took to be at this trophy level has lowered 2 or 3 levels.

If I start to play again on this account, I may move up 500 to 1000 trophy’s. I had quit playing this account because I only had like 10 decent creatures and I got tired of rats every other match. I went to playing my 2nd account playing dino’s at a lower level for more diversity and larger pool of creatures to play.

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Yes you’re probably behind where you supposed to be… So give it time. Soon the game will start smashing you with level 30s…


Last week it wasn’t me. I was getting smacked all over the place with MM. So far this week I would say it is me… I’ve been getting “easier” match making and good RNG for the last 2 days and now at the highest trophies I’ve been at in a month.

i wonder why i rarely fight against weaker dinos.
i guess is probably because of rarities and… …booooooosts (i almost vomit when i have to talk about this word).
i only fight weaker teams after i drop insanely hundreds of trophies.