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Who is prepared for the second tournement?


As the title says who is prepared?
I think as long as this one is much fairer as they keep saying all should be fine.

Somehow I doubt it though considering they haven’t even sorted the glitches in the battles yet and as for being unfairly matched that will most probley still happen…


I have a sneaking suspicion that they are testing things out as we speak with that whole separating legit players from cheater thing because my matchmaking has been seriously off the past few days :joy:

So short answer is yes I doubt it because there will be people like us who get mistakenly sorted into the wrong pool :rofl: To prepare for that, this is what I’m doing:


I have 107k Apatasaurus DNA and 15K Nodopatasaurus and 6K Tricefatops DNA in waiting. Gives me a couple weeks to build up my Stegosaurus DNA to start fusing again.

Hello Stegodeus level 28 then level 29 and follow up with Stegoceratops level 25.


Good luck to you all! I am definitely not going to be on the leaderboards. Hehe, my highest level is my Pteranodon and I’m wondering why I leveled that so high. lol And have two legendaries that are level 16…so yeah. As long as they get me incubators, I’m good. :slight_smile:

Anyways, good luck to all that are trying in this tournament. I’m going to be rooting for you all!


Yay! Got yesterday!

I am 3.7xx right now, people will be reset to and the matchmatching is 450 trophies, so I won’t battle for one day after the tournament starts I don’t want to face the resetted people…


No you don’t prepare for it, your wallet does.


Spent all coin for Alankylo.
So couldn’t prepare for anything, because I’m literally broke in JWA.:joy:


More people prepare to avoid it than prepare to compete. Its like season means 4 times a year not 12.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But totally good luck to anyone excited to play it.


Yes actully so true :laughing:


Well im more prepped this time!

Level 20 allosaurus! He is a beast ha. Hopefully the right kind of dna falls my way so i am semi lookin forward to seeing how i do but ultimately not to care soo much otherwise last weekend will be a bad one.

All the best guys

P.s don’t allow the game to ruin ur life ha because of things not going your way!

P.p.s have fun! If that is possible for those who are competitive :blush:


3 x 8 hour incubators lined up for the initial bloodbath. Just did my own reset by losing a string of battles and am now on 3993 (accidently not deliberately) :rofl:

Edit: made it to 4020; furious that Ludia are going to strip me of 10 trophies … :not-serious-face:


Well wishing you all luck :crossed_fingers: I’m just going to try and not break my phone out of frustration :laughing::laughing:


Nothing to prepare, really. I’m not concerned about facing OP dinos at the beginning because of the changes (no cheaters with the rest of us and the new reset tiers). I should start out at about 4,200 trophies and that’s fine with me.

I wish everyone here, whatever your goals, the very best. Most of all, let’s have fun and enjoy the game!



Lol you believe there won’t be any cheaters?! :laughing:


Look at it this way, you either battle or you dont but this way you could get something free. I will play normally and If I get a reward great, if I dont… I didnt have anything anyway. Also remember 1 thing, Dinos cap at 30 so you can eventually be on equal footing with the #1 player but without the reset they’d be so far ahead you would never get close


Yes, as best as can be determined. If they just started spoofing and haven’t been caught yet they may be among us, but the ones we should be worried about with their level 30 dinos should be gone.


They’re there. Ones been sitting in the top three for a long time. Makes you wonder why Ludia doesn’t do something about it.


I think tarbosaurus is better cuz it also has that defense shattering and has 40% critical chance plus health and damage. Allosaurus has 20% now.


I dove right in…

The pain…

…it hurts…

Make the uniques stop…


No still there