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Who is she?!

How are y’all gonna do me so DIRTY like that with Stefan?! I MUST KNOW WHO THAT WOMAN IS! Game or not. I’ll throw hands with some pixels! I get that he’s not everyone’s favorite, but I love him. One of my favorites. If ANYONE else is mad at this, we gotta let Ludia know that they did us so dirty about greying him out after this!!!

Doing people dirty is one of Ludia’s favourite pastimes. :roll_eyes:

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Like I have a theory about who it is. But lord only knows how long Ludia is gonna make me wait to get the answers. At this point I’m writing my own thing until he comes back. That was the biggest cliffhanger I’ve experienced so far. I love this game! It’s so entertaining! But it sucks having to wait for your matches to come back. And I think it would be nice to be able to select your pronouns

Some of my matches have been MIA for well over a year. Eventually, I got so bored of waiting for them to return that I started writing my own stories (most of them are for Clementine as she’s my favourite). And while it’s helped, I really wish Ludia would hurry up and continue their stories. Hopefully in 2022, Ludia will finally give the ladies the attention they deserve. :crossed_fingers:

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