Who is the BEST Unique?

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    • Ardentismaxima
    • Erlikospy
    • Magnapyritor

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    • Geminititan
    • Grypolyth
    • Erlidominus
    • Trykosarus
    • Diorajasaur
    • Utarinex
    • Diloracheirus
    • Monolorhino
    • Pterovexus
    • Touramoloch
    • Skoonosarus
    • Indorapter
    • Mamolania
    • Quetzorion
    • Spinoconstrictor
    • Smilonemys
    • Stigidaryx
    • Testacornibus
    • Thoradolasaur

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my favorite is definitely skonorasaurus
but only because sonorasaurus is my favorite dinosaur in-game

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My favorite is Dio because it is so good against cunning

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Spinoconstrictor since he can take down health tanks and pretty much anything that doesn’t have DoT resistance


True, I once had a team with 3 cunning creatures and i got destroyed by a dioraja

yea spinoconstricter is pretty good at that. If it had a better move set it would definitely be one of the best


You forgot Tenontorex in the poll

i vote erlikospyx, erlidominus, and skonorasaurus

Testacornibus for OBVIOUS reasons

Can you imagine if it had a defense shattering move? that would definitely put it up there as well as some other stuff I forgot about

Indoraptor, solely because of the movies. In game I would have to say tryko.

At the moment, overall, I’d have to give it to Gemini

How the heck did Tryko get more votes than Gemini? I very much question that.

Tryko but i can’t find it on the pool.
As second,i would say tenonto.

where is dracocerartosaurus

Trykosaurus. There is no other explanation needed other than… because Trykosaurus.

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Entelolania left this thread

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