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Who is the counter to artdentismaxima with 7k+ HP?

These ardentismaxima’s are taking over the library. Whenever they show up I just have to shut down the app, there’s no point in my grinding out an inevitable loss. Who do I need to work towards to have a shot? My options I’m considering are a level 25 carnatarkus, level 26 purrolyth, a level 22 spinosuchus and a level 17 thylacotator that I have enough dna to get to 21. Those are my only ideas so far. None of these guys have boosts, but I’ve got 10-15 in each category to spare.

I also have a level 24 ardentismaxima, but I don’t really want to make him the same beast that I’m facing!


Thyla, 100%


thyla is a solid choice as it can’t be deceled. carnotarkus is also viable option, but she can be taken out if Max crits.


…Unless of course they swap out because, you know, Ardentis is immune to practically everything else, including swap prevention.

I use 2-3 creatures.

Sucho+Tarkus (lvl 27/29)

Daryx + Tarkus (lvl 27/29)

I combine them. Swap out bleed + Tarkus counter.

Or bleed by Sucho + swap out into Tarkus when rampage comes…

Or swap out to Daryx when rampage enters… then swap out in bleed to finish her.

I usually prefer to have 2 Dinos almost dead but having Máxima defeated. She is quite annoying after the update.

That’s easy: a Maxima with 8k HP counters it! And you know what counters that? A Maxima with 9k HP! Oh, but don’t worry, there’s also 10k!


10k or 148 speed?! Which wins…I’d guess the 10k?

Just need this little guy and it’s easy street all the way!!!

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My Maxima with 10k health :joy:

Thyla, Daryx, Vexus, Spinota, Grypol, Allor, Suchot, if mindgames won+ES luck Constrictor too. Be happy bleed or rend doesn’t require investing in attack boosts

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I don’t consider a counter if the supposed counter dies too and even the only two REAL counters, Thyla and Allor, can be one shot if not boosted.


I just go with Kapro, lower their HP enough and if I survive I might kill it with my rat, otherwise I’ve already done heaps of damage so it’s fodder for my Tenonto or other stuff.

Alloraptor with 1.7k attack

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

maxima was reported to be too powerful since jurassic era here. and now, they made it even more.

that’s jwa. :scream:

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Not even the highest I’ve seen.

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Most people are using Thylaco but I’m using Marsupial Lion and it does fine as well. Alloraptor is another option.
I usually like using Vexus to chip down the Maxima into revenge kill range and finish with Tryko

Nothing…let out a deep sigh…wish there was a “really bro?” emoji, and move to the next fight. That’s what I do.

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Ok, I know this is not everyone’s first thought for a counter, but my purrolyth made quick work of this guy! And if he had a few speed boosts on him he could have managed a 7k+ maxima. Purr was hit first so his counter did 25%, then hit back with FS, (does around 1200 due to armor), next regen 3000hp and counter did 38% rend! Ardentismaxima couldn’t quite kill him with final hit because he has 4 health boosts on him, so counter killed him :slight_smile: RIP ardentismaxima

It’s a scrappy way to play, but I think it might work…

Update: killed this 6k beast, and Purrolyth was slower!

Maxima is quite annoying, we have to do whatever it takes to beat her.

If that implies your strategy, welcome.

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Just use 2 and half dinos to kill it. Then lose on their next dino