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Who is the "DPG" really? SKETCH


The whole save the dinosaurs thing seems pretty suspicious to me. Let’s look at the facts:

• We dart dinosaurs for DNA while they are rampaging through neighborhoods and city streets, presumably destroying buildings and trampling people, but we’re only concerned about acquiring their DNA;

• The fact that we didn’t have their DNA in the first place seems to suggest that we are not the organization that created them, but a rival organization attempting to steal trade secrets;

• When we do clone dinosaurs, we are primarily concerned with not the conservation of de-extincted species in some kind of reserve or library, but with hybridizing terrifying new designer creatures and then fighting them in arena combat in the photogenic ruins of previous parks for monetary rewards.

Isn’t it pretty obvious that we’re the bad guys?


Embrace your dark side.


Terrorists. In the last movie they unleashed dinos on innocent people and killed others. Murderers. All to stop an evil corporation that spent billions to make millions.


In the next movie the DPG is going to fly around the country advising people being eaten by a Trex “don’t struggle their incisors are fragile” or something. Whatever they do I am sure it will cost a lot of lives.


Good points! No where do I find the JP2: The Chaos Continues team from SNES to stand against us?

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Joint venture between Mogilevich and the Kremlin.

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Welcome to the dark side.

Oh and yeah, ya see a rex, watch his toes.


Does this game really have lore now?

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Also: Where’s Claire? Do we really know that we’re working for her? We only saw a sketchy, fake-looking picture of her once, when we were recruited, and ever since all communications have come from some anonymous authority.

This authority whose incentives guide our “play” is single-mindedly devoted to hybridizing monsters for combat, not saving the thousands of wild dinosaurs from a seemingly-inevitable military intervention.

As I recall, after authorizing the creation of Indominus rex, Claire changed her mind pretty hard about hybrids and risked her life to prevent the use of dinosaurs as weapons. Hard to imagine that’s who we’re really working for. But nobody has seen her in a year and a half… :fearful:



At the start, there were these guide bots saying,“What should we call you by?” So I made the name “Master” and they were never seen again…

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I have often wondered how other players view themselves when playing JWA? Are they DPG, Ingen/Masrani or some shady military or criminal group?

I myself view myself as associated to the DPG but separate. Catching the wayward dinosaurs and putting them in my own park for conservation reasons.

Anyone else?

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I haven’t thought about it but I do know I am not making them for war use. I live in the south of the USA and if I even let these things out of in the wild for an afternoon they would be hanging on a wall by dawn. One guy with a hunting rifle would take down them all.


HA! I don’t know, that Trykosaurus could probably take armor piercing rounds without shrugging.


I like this empowered self-authoring approach! Like, I could be a sleeper cell working within the faux-DPG to ensure dino DNA is ultimately opensourced and not kept for proprietary use.

Of course, there aren’t any ways within the game to play WITHOUT subjecting your beloved creatures to ritual dogfight-style abuse…

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I can’t play any game without working in an in-game reason or story. It’s just part of the enjoyment for me.

As for the fighting, it’s tough, but I tend to view it in the same way as Owen and his raptors… that is, that rogue dinosaurs are lose and they need my team to help bring them down before too many civilians get eaten.

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I like that! My well-behaved, friendly Thoradolasaur (RIIIIIGHT) against their weaponized, danger-to-society Thoradolasaur…it’s a stretch but it’s the best solution I’ve heard yet.

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I know movies make you doubt this but a 50BMG would kill any dino very very dead. Even lighter rounds armor piercing or not would.


But…but…cloak! Worked in JW… :wink: