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Who is The Imposter

So, yeah, round one, 10 dinos introduce themselves.

Not really a round for elimination.

Indoraptor: Hi, I love JWA, it’s such a fun game to be in, it’s an honor to be in it!

Indominus: Sup, I can cloak. Okay

Monomimus: Hiiiiiiii guuuuuuys!!!, I am big fans of you two!

Monostegotops: …hi…

Spinoconstrictor: Hi Guysssss, how are you doing?

Ardent: Sup, I hope we all do well.

Rajakylo: Um, how to vent like ardent…jkjk

Tryko: Okay, everyone put on a flamingo!

Alloraptor: Fine, and hi

Mortem: okay, the games about to start, shhhh


allo is impostor

Indo is the impostor

Tryko lol just cause he mentions wearing flamingos


I love how everyone is guessing randomly lol

If I had to guess it’s Monomimus, they seem so overfriendly

As much as I like my Monosteg, I think it’s her. The quiet ones are the ones you watch!

Monomimus be my guess

Alloraptor for me

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Among us had infiltrated JWA. Not sure how I feel about that

I’m thinking rajakylo

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Monostego kinda sus…

Okay, it seems that you guys want to vote. So here.

  • Ragakylo
  • Tryko
  • Ardent
  • Monomimus
  • Monostegotops
  • Indoraptor
  • Allotaptor
  • Indominus
  • Mortem
  • Spinoconstrictor

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The Indo seems a bit sus to me(Among Us reference)

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Indoraptor was not the imposter

Tryko: cmon guys, that mistake could cost us our game

Ardent: well, we can never be to careful.

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I think tbh that we should see someone die before we vote. Also you closed your vote too early

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Oi your sus for not posting

Ardentomax is the imposter!!!

Monomimus seems sus

Rajakylosaurus is sus because they stand out

monomimus sus, he is to nice.

I saw Spinoconstrictor Vent!