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Who is the new king?

this is a bit early but who will be taking max’s position of top dog? we all thought it was gonna be gemini but DSA has a two turn cool down so that makes it a bit more difficult to decide. gemini is till in the running. diorag did not get nerfed and right now is the ultimate ani dodge tank. mamolania is still a very good creature that defiantly has potential. tryko is still not that bad of a choice although getting nerfed pretty hard can still do some damage. what are your guy’s thoughts.

Gemini is good at 1v1, but is basically sitting ducks afterwards

How did dio get nerfed again?

Didn’t get nerfed at all

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Honestly nobody will have the answer to this for a couple of weeks but there seems to be much better balance and no clear cut winner. Mammo will be it the running and Gem is probably going to narrowly win this title but there is potential for it to be any one of a number of strong dinos

mamo, dio, and gemini have my vote, they have a lot of good match ups right now, magna could also take the crown.

Magna seems to be the speedy king only really countered by dinos that are faster. Max and Tryko can no longer reliably counter Tenon so it may take the helm of the best slower dinos. Dio now reliably counters Max and can beat tryko in some matchups although it loses to Gem usually. Phora is as good as ever at revenge killing. Lania is good too, but struggles against armor and shields.

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Not sure what is on top of the food chain, but sure enough Phoru is the new Dracocerat now… Now that 2.1 as gone by and since it wasn’t nerfed, those waiting with a ton of DNA for it, on the side line, may jump in the boat, and level it up to the sky. Probably the main subject on the many “nerf this dino” thread!

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I have Phor in the mid 20s with thousands of DNA already waiting on coins. I will probably sub it in, I expect to see many more of them pop up

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Once its average level among all players is above 28, Ludia will release a unique for it. Scutorosaura, phora + scuto. same stats but with 25% armor, revenge decel rampage instead of sidestep, and immunity to speed decrease.

As of right now though, yeah it’s very powerful and really should get an adjustment. 3000 HP and impact and run instead of rampage would keep it very viable, but incapable of 2 shotting a tryko.

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Tenonto is the new king hands down. Bleed? Cleanse and Regenerate. Distraction? Resilient Strike or Heal can get rid of that. Armor? Not really an issue. Does your opponent have a lot of damage? Tenonto is faster than most high damage dinos. Tenonto is still slept on just because it doesn’t have an extensive list of resistances. It’s baller in raids and the arena. Plus things that countered it before such as maxima and Tryko really don’t anymore or they just have a harder time doing so. It has the second highest damage in the game, all four of its moves do completely different things making it the most versatile dino in the game. It is resilient, fierce, cunning and wild card. 1v1, this thing demolishes most dinos and if it doesn’t kill them, it’ll leave them nearly dead.


I think it’s good that there is no king, just the way the game should be

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Have we all heard about Apex creatures (not the one classified by GamePress)?

They are all the new Kings. Soon you’ll have 8 types. Have it all on your team. Boost them to Heavens. You’ll rule the Arenas.

Anything below that will be total useless in the very near future.

I’m honestly leaning towards Tenontorex. High health and attack and decent speed, combined with a pretty decent kit, make it an absolute beast that can only reliably be taken down by other beefed up beasties.


(At least so far) this update seems to be quite balanced.

I feel like soon tentao and Orion will be big contenders for best. Maxima and Gemini are actually funny enough now super Susceptible to rats which means now you got rats as a weird sorta counter.

I’d think its tryko. That attack buff really helped him

No clear winner?? Good, means balanced and healthy game

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Magna will win

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Boosts, matchmaking and big money spenders :

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