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Who is the strongest unique?

Now that we’ve entered 2.7… and since I’ve already asked who’s the weakest… now we need to know, who is the strongest? Gemini, tryko, skoona, dio, many candidates. Who do you think?

Skoonasaurus. It’s the wall of walls.


no boosts involved? Gem/mrhino
in the arena? mrhino/smilo/grypo
skoona’s buff is overrated

Hmmm it’s difficult but here is my opinion:

Skoona/ Gemini/ tenoto/ magna. (Note: they are not in order)

They have the highest win rates and 1v1s in the game. Although you would have to ask someone who really knows the games 1v1s to be sure


Also skoona is no laughing matter.


Skoona, Gem, Grypo, MRhino are all contenders, but I’d say Mammolania because of its ridiculous bulk, especially when paired with great output and regen abilities. This guy isn’t called the Apex Killer for nothing

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For me skoona, gem, mammol, Dio, Teno, tryko are equals, they beat each other.

My answer is shocking, but it’s Erlikospyx, this thing has been a monster for me since 2.7, killing Skoonas and Trykos and Rhinos and Smilos and literally anything crossing its path. It’s always been one of my favourites, and now it just seems better than ever, without any buffs or nerfs.

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Smilonemys: am I a joke to you?

Sad that Maxima is no longer on the list :’)

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Ya maxima took a big hit.

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Eh Mrhino actually is not that good lol I mean in the last tournament it barely had 50% win over everything. Most it’s swap in and team synergy is what makes it good along it hits resistances. Grypo has also fallen due to cunnings, rend resistance and fierce just wiping the floor with it. It’s good but even what it’s supposed to beat it does just ok. Mammolania on paper and in practice seems good but bulk only gets you so far especially if shields and armor are involved. I mean just look at the top players there very few olanias cause it does kinda struggle especially against fierce. Now you may say well ya but it can kill almost all with a PFS+ rampage. And yes that is true….on even grounds but boost change all that and add to that this reshuffle people are adding mortem especially nitro ones left and right. Add to that trykos, Thors, maximas, Geminis, grypos and magnas. It’s just not a good idea to run it. Which is why most run nemys.

Eh spxs is really okay but again lost of them are being dropped for nemys cause well apexs, especially after the rest I’ve seen few and few and few spxs. Both the swap in meta, resilient meta and apex meta are just beating it to a pulp. Especially here in mid library (not sure about aviary or gyro and up) there are literally almost no spxs here. And even whe I face one it’s kinda easy to take out for me.

For me indoraptor because that is the olny uniue i have unlocked +its boosted

What big hit did it took before ? I forgot was it it’s immunity ? I just remember it was one of the best uniques before

I think Gemini is the strongest unique cause of that shielding definite rampage

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In straight 1v1 combat? Skoona or Gemini. MRhino is very good as well, but almost entirely because of its swap-in. Its 1v1 is pretty mediocre, and its value depends somewhat on your ability to bring the target quickly into swap range (or at least low enough that MRhino can finish it with a strike). In another way of saying it, MRhino brings more value, but Skoona and Gemini are stronger.

Compsocaulus is also a new dark horse candidate for strongest unique. I don’t think it beats out Gemini or Skoona, but it definitely is nipping at their toes

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Me! of course ;D

Not really it’s actually just okay

Thankfully lol imagine those little things being the bane of the arena