Who is to blame for Indonemys?

With Indonemys being the rigged and obvious winner, it comes to wonder: Who is to blame here? Ludia, or the community? Well I have my answer. It’s both. Ludia for thinking it was a great idea to put Indominus in another hybrid poll, and the community for voting for it even though they didn’t want another Indom hybrid (though mainly it was the little kids who don’t care about anything else but Indom but there are some). So yeah, Ludia, please consider before you put another movie hybrid in a poll.


I want Geminideus instead Who’s with me


I think people also voted indoneyms because it’s besides carbonemys dna easy to create. But hey we still have a second creature too so there still a chance that one of the 4 other hybrids wins


YES! Can’t they give us both???

I think the poll is about two winners so perhaps. Besides there’s a chance we might get them later

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Yes I am that was rigged

Honestly Indomemys would have been the best option out of the three carnivore apexes. Scorpios and cevia would be hard to create considering we have a lot of creatures that need carno and albertosaurus dna and they would both be op (can apply to indoneyms too but we’ll see)


Did they announce the winner and I missed it?!

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No but it’s most likely to happen

I’ll say Add Geminideus


Oh really? Why do you think that?

Again the poll was about two creatures so gemnideus still has a chance


Because indoneyms would be easy to make and it’s made of a movie creature so for the indom fans

I saw the gaming beaver video and it only says there is one winner. So there is more chance that only Indonemys won. But lets hope geminideus comes into the game as well

Then why would we have two creatures to vote


I have no idea

No delete no, it would make the little kids mad. Just spam. Add Geminideus or something like that. This result makes me mad cuz we will need thousands and thousands of carbonemys

What result?

Ohhhh I see. So we’re going to protest and spam based on assumptions. That makes sense


The winner poll. If we analyze we need to fuse smilonemys. which includes carbonemys, and what else includes carbonemys, and what carbotoceratops goes to: Testacornibus which is used for Arctovasilas. Which means a lot of carbo DNA. Like carno when Indotaurus was introduced.

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