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Who is worth my Sinoceratops DNA more?

I have personally used Allosinosaurus,and have Utahraptor at the level for a Utasinoraptor,my question is,which is more worth my Sinoceratops DNA? Utasinoraptor or Allosinosaurus?

  • Allosinosaurus
  • Utasinoraptor

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I say allosino purely because of the uniques each make. Thor is still a very good early unique to unlock and level up, whereas Utarinex is pretty bad. Utahsinoraptor is in my opinion better than his unique

Ok,looks like both of us share the opinion on Utasino being better than Rinex. 100% of the votes for Allosino so far.

Yeah I feel like utarinex would only be useful with a lot of boosts on health and damage. Mines only 21 and when I used him in aviary he got cleaned out so many times

Do you use Utasinoraptor any more?

I don’t as I’m trying to have a team of 8 greens but Utahsinoraptor and Indominus Rex are the 2 legendaries I’ve been tempted to level up. I see them both quite a lot in the arena above level 20

Ok. My Indom can go to level 20,but I am short of coins

Yeah I think a lot of people are struggling with coins seeing as though we can’t go out freely and stock them up. They soon disappear :sob:

Yes. My best bet is incubators. Supply Drops were nice. Till the lockdown and COVID 19 is over. Stay Safe.


Thanks mate you too, hope you get some awesome new dinos soon :+1:

Thanks,hope you get amazing nice stuff as well.

Have Rinex at 30 and it clears every thor easy. Both uniques are not really good.
Thor needs heavy boosts to hold its spot, but rinex is also not that great (sad).

You cant get wrong with any of them.
If you need a little hit n run dino rinex is your bet.
If you want to see some funny yellow shieldbreaking numbers, then thor is your man.

If i could go back in time, then i wouldnt use my coins on these two. Even if i love my rinex… but man her glory days are long ago …


Rinex does not seem much worth it in head on combat,it is more of a team guy,which I do not need. But thanks for your advice

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My advice. Just level sino itself. I have it at level 26 and it’s great in the tournament


Well,Sino is not exactly my Tourney creature,I guess pachycephalosuarus,maiasaura,erlikosaurus are the types I use for tournaments.

Allosino is worse than Utasino, but his unique is better than Utasino’s

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In the end, this is how I would rank the sino hybrids

  1. Utahsino
    Great damage, good speed, and a cyclic moveset make this thing a great mid to late game greature. Not end game though
  2. Utahrhinex.
    Good team player. Does great damage before leaving. Turn 2 has some variety with it being able to stun and then run, or just run
  3. Allosino. While many will think it’s crazy to put allosino above thor, here is the reason why. Thor really only gets 2 hits off before going down to creatures like maxima and magna. But meanwhile, allosino won’t always. And, it has more hp, attack, and armor. So that impact plus instant charge does more than thor. This matters in the entelemoth matchup, where if allosino gets a crit on the impact, the instant charge will kill moth (if moth doesn’t bellow). Then in the maxima matchup, thor also goes down in 2 hits. But, if maxima doesn’t crit, not allosino. That is 2 impacts and an instant charge. So while thor may be more common, I feel that allosino is a bit better
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I am having the same problem don’t know which one to choose

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Both have a good argument for you to use them
Utah like most fast creatures has a move to distract chompers but unlike said fast creatures Utah can slow creatures. This dinosaur has only stat increase and stat decrease making it vulnerable to shielded/armored creatures and immunity
Allo is more damage based and tearing through shields. It also has instant charge to stun other creatures and get its impacts back. Like most chompers this dinosaur falls flat to creatures that distract, and dodge aswell with some immune to stun creatures but it isn’t a clear problem
Overall both creatures have amazing capability if you use them correctly but I see Allo as more of a pregame legendary instead of a creature that will last long.

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But if I have procerat then will I still work towards utha or allo