Who is your favourite match?

After playing through all of the character’s stories available to me, I’ve gotten to really like Alice, Ryan, Austin and Noah. I’d be interested to know anyone else’s favourites and why.

I’m a big fan of Alice’s storyline as well! She showed a softer side that I really had not expected. :blush:
I really enjoyed Grace and Samantha’s stories as well, due to common interests. :books: :video_game:


That’s interesting; I’ve not encountered either Grace or Samantha. I’m guessing by the books and gaming icon that they’re interested in books and video games. Out of interest, is the one who’s into books in an abusive family where her mother won’t let her do anything, and the one who’s into games was accused of cheating?

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Yes to both! :sweat_smile: Perhaps you may have matched with Clementine and Aesha instead?

I did, yeah. I think it’s kinda weird that they have the same stories for different characters. I decided to try their other app similar to this one - ‘what’s your story’ - and started using LoveLink on there, and got matched with, in most cases, the other person with the same story, which I found rather disappointing. I had hoped for a few more stories.

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I really like Antoine, hugo and jonathan!
And yeah really disappointing that two of the characters have the same story… kinda pointless… hope they create more storylines!

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I don’t know Antoine or Jonathan, so I’d be interested to hear a bit more about their characters and why you like their stories in particular. I’d also be interested in what you think about the story of Hugo, because I think he’s quite sweet, but his relationship with his fiance doesn’t seem to be going very well. I’m interested to see what the writers do with it, because it feels like they’re going for the direction ‘Tayor ends up with Sally, while you end up with Hugo’, which would be…kinda sweet, I think, because everyone gets what they want, but some of these stories have really come out of left field and surprised me.

It’s also definitely more than two of the characters who have the same stories. Jake and Zayn share a story, as do Adam and Dominic, Jamie and Seth and Eve and Alice, and those are just the ones I’ve encountered so far.


Oh yeah thats what i meant, that multiple characters share the same story as one another… actually i am pretty sure that all characters share a story with someone else… i am playing this game on another phone aswell and ive matched with almost everyone that i didnt match with on my first phone, and they’re all the same story I’ve encountered.
There’s a few characters i didnt get, like the astronaut one and theres the older guys (the dads), dont know why?

If you’ve match with Noah he’s the one with the same story as Antoine, he’s racing the Alaskan sled race and you get to help him stay warm :wink::wink: , I really like Antoine because he’s really sweet and doesn’t rush the relationship which makes it feel more romantic, which is something that would get me crushing hard in real life haha :sweat_smile:
Jonathan is in the army and he’s sweet too and quiet flirty, I’m guessing his match is the other army guy but havent match with him yet.
I could see where Hugo’s story was going but still find it interesting, i didnt feel like i really got to know him tho since the story ended early but he seemed nice. Yeah i feel like its going that direction but i hope they make it interesting🤞🏼

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Which stories have surprised you the most?

I feel like maybe they haven’t written stories, or enough of the story, for the ones you can’t match yet, like the fire fighter, or the dad.

I know I’ve said it before but I LOVE Noah. He’s so sweet, and I can tell how horny he is, but I appreciate how slow he takes things as well. But mostly, for me, it’s the dogs. I honestly would have dropped everything and flown halfway across the world if someone told me they had SIXTEEN dogs, my allergies be damned.

I am also quite fond of Albert, who is the other army guy. I’m kind of thinking of writing a fanfic about him matching with a Trans girl, because I think how romantic he is would be really sweet for a pairing like that.

As for which was the most surprising, definitely Sage, when she starts turning into a wolf, but the first inkling of weird stuff going down I had was with Wyatt, the musician out in the woods, when he starts seeing weird stuffing his dreams, and then invades YOUR dreams. I was also super caught off-guard by Dominic’s crazy ex, and Julien being an actual VAMPIRE.

One of the twists that I wasn’t so on board with was with Skylar, when the building he’s passing by went up in flames. Not only was it, I felt, counter-productive to the overall plot, at least what I know of it now, I hated the ‘I have classes’ option. It felt so weak, when my immediate reaction was, ‘no, I’m not going on the run with you, no matter how much I like you’. I know that they kind of create a character for you to play, but it feels like I have basically no choice at all in what I say and how our conversation goes. I don’t know how to fix that, because it would take a lot of effort, but it just kind of annoys me how they say ‘meet your dream partner’, when you can’t really be yourself.

Anyway, sorry for the long reply. I just have a lot of thoughts about this game :stuck_out_tongue:


I was surprise by how much i ended liking Jonathan, i think i was sort of expecting him to be this ''though, emotionally unavailable guy from the army" but he became something more.

To be honest I too LOVE Antoine, he’s the only one im spending my gems on… that’s how much i like him. He’s the perfect mixture of kind and sexy, and yeah big ++ with the doggies!

I like Skylar amongst the least, he was too much of that ‘bad boy/trouble maker’ type…

Yeah, i find some of the options not really options since its kind of just one view point, and it doesnt feel like you can put yourself in the answers. And even the choices that are different dont really feel strong… they’re a lot like, choose between: “Yeah lets go!” and “I don’t know”… Thats not much of an opinion to choose “i dont know”- also because the character will say something that will end up making the story go along as if you had chosen “Yeah let’s go!” … (hope that makes sense😞).
But again, im sure it’s difficult to give us real options on what to say AND make the story go as they wrote for the character.

Wish they could add like a little multiple choice of facts about you when you’re starting the game that comes up later in the conversations.

I totally get what you’re trying to say about the options, but thinking about it from a programming standpoint…it would be an absolute nightmare, I’m sure, since so many people are so different from each other. One of the options that I really wanted to be like ‘no thank you’ for was the frat party with the basketball player (mine was Michael), and when he was like ‘come, I’ll be there’, I wasn’t liking it, and when I actually went on the date, I was immediately turned off and uncomfortable, even knowing I wasn’t actually there.

Also, I wish that when you unmatch someone, you could ask to NEVER SEE THIS PERSON AGAIN. Because Oliver is a creepy, creepy guy, and I hate him so much.

As for Skylar, I THOUGHT his story would take the route ‘I’m doing all this for kicks and because I feel all this pressure to succeed, so I need someone to help me own up to my past mistakes while walking forward with me’, but they threw that out the window when they put him into the situation where he’s suspected of setting the fire that killed someone. It really felt, to me, as though they were just looking for a reason to have him go away for a while. Maybe it’ll feel different when they bring out the next part of the stories, but I doubt it. It truly feels like they ruined his potential.

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So far my favourite matches are Liam, Jake, Wyatt and Jamie.

Liam because he’s an adorable K-Pop star, Jake because he is gorgeous and an actor who loves Shakespeare :heart_eyes:, Wyatt because his story is wild and Jake I have the most common interests with.

I’m also enjoying Eve’s story but she’s not the kind of person I’d ever go for in real life :rofl: so it’s interesting to experiment.

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Sweet, thanks for your feedback. I’m not sure I could handle being with someone famous, especially a K-pop star with all those fangirls. I matched with Zayn in stead of Jake, which I’m kind of thankful for (would have been trippy seeing my own name, know what I’m sayin’?), and I thought he was pretty sweet. He’s not the type of guy I’d usually go for, though. I agree with you about Wyatt’s story being wild; I was totally not expecting everything that went down with him. I’m not sure how I felt about Jamie.

I’m glad to see a few people are enjoying Eve/Alice’s story. Not only is she really cute (in both cases), but I think her story is really sweet.

Thanks again for the feedback. I’m thinking of writing stories for a few more of the characers, and Eve/Alice is among them.

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My favorite match is Raphaël :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love talking with him, it looks like his realistic :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My favourites so far are Jonathan, Eve, Noah, Ryan, Liam, Jake, Adam and Jamie…I have a few :rofl: but for the most part I really enjoyed their plots.

I found it really weird that the last conversation you have with Jonathan seems really out of character as a whole. Adams crazy ex-gf plot was surprising but entertaining. Noah’s plot was also kinda crazy but him and Jake are the sweetest characters. Jamie’s plot was kinda intense…I hope Ryan is still alive too…and Liam, swoon!

Can’t wait for all these characters to come back already :rofl: the wait is killing me :confounded:

I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean his character feels realistic, or his story?

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Thank you for the wealth of feedback, I feel you on having a great many favourites; aside from my top four, the other half of them I would rank highly.

Why do you feel your last conversation with Jonathan was out of character? It’s true that he comes off as more romantic than having a fling with a ‘co-worker’, but it felt like he wasn’t really implying that, like he was implying that he had one person he would go to when he wanted some fun. Maybe.

It’s interesting you liked the crazy ex plot. I didn’t like it so much. I guess I just can’t imagine being interested in someone after finding out they’ve had such a possessive partner. How did you feel about him continuing to flirt with you after you encountered Grace (I think that was her name)?

I felt that Jake was kind of a little bit…not quite pushy, but he had this tendency to make you feel like…if you didn’t do things the way he envisions it, you’ll be disappointing more than just him. Like, he puts you in situations where, if you say no, you’re letting more than just him down, if that makes sense. I suppose it just felt a little manipulative to me.

Noah is an absolute darling and a babe, not to mention those PUPPIES, and therefore, he is the favourite of my favourites, and I want him to be real so I can date him immediately. The stuff that happened after you got to him was a little wild, though. I wish we could have just cuddled together by a fireplace.

Man, Jamie’s plot almost scared me in real life. I wasn’t expecting something so…secret op-like.

Ryan is so cute. I really, really wish he was real, too. Speaking of, I wrote a fanfic about putting the chocolate from the class to good use…if you’re interested. You can find it on AO3, under the name ‘the Delights of Chocolate’.

I couldn’t deal with all the crazy of being with Liam. But then again, I would hate being famous so much, and dating a k-pop star would be way too public. What is about him specifically that makes him so attractive to you?

Feel you, there. I really hope they get it all sorted out soon. How long ago did you download the app, if you don’t mind me asking?

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I’m honestly glad I’m not the only one with so many faves :blush:

The last conversation with Jonathan might just be me being weird but to me all previous conversations kind of sweet and the characters getting to know each other then the last convo is this random story about intimate encounters in the barracks. It just stuck out as a bit odd to me but I don’t know why…I skipped some of that conversation when it first happened cause in weird :joy:

The crazy ex plot only interested me cause I know people like that…not crazy enough to attack people but so in love with someone that they don’t want to believe it’s over. It was intense though, I’ll give the writers credit there. There were parts when I was SO nervous the ex would show up out of the blue and attack my character. Granted it was weird how quickly Adam moved on despite knowing his ex was still that in love with him, if it were me in that situation I’d definitely move on and not pursue a relationship but I guess the writers needed something to help move the plot along…even though there could have been other avenues for that plot.

You know after reading your comment about Jake I agree. On one of the dates with him I chose an option and he was super disappointed (I think my character lead a acene) but I didn’t finish the date so I went back and chose to let him take the lead and he was really happy about it. He’s on a break now so I’m not sure I’ll continue that one if he comes back.

I ADORE Noah and his dogs, he’s such a wholesome character. But yes! The fireplace cudddle that he keeps drraming about would be great! (hint hint writers :wink:) he’s one of the characters whose plot i enjoyed 100%

YES! Jamie’s plot made me so anxious irl. I was always checking to see if there was any progress on his story when it all went down.

Ah Ryan, such a sweet character! I honestly forgot about the chocolate date :woman_facepalming: I’ll check your story out! Did you write the one about Jonathan too?

I LOVE Liam’s personality…even if he is a little passive, but he is so sweet. I couldn’t imagine ever dating someone famous though, that sounds way too crazy and his fans sound insane as well. I just hope when he’s back that him nd character get some normal scenes without any of the crazy stuff…though I’m dreaming s bit I think.

Fingers crossed our faves are back soon! Have youatched with any of the new characters yet? I had 2 but I swiped on them and they didn’t match with me :joy::sob: I’ve only had the game since the start of August but I really like it. How about you? Also sorry my reply is SUPER long. I don’t talk to anyone irl about games I play so it’s cool these forums are here.

I’m smitten by Albert. He has a personality I’m attracted to… As for his story, I’m not far – just past the first date.

I also like Austin. I’m still trying to get him to trust me though, so not far in his story.

Jamie too… but he just disappeared from my list after I haven’t checked his messages for a few days. I wanted to take my time with his story. :cry: :worried:

Lastly, Jaden’s story was a ride, but I hit the “offline for a while” wall. :pensive: