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Who is your favourite match?

Alice is my favourite. I’m excited to see what kinda adventure we go on next.

Zany is pretty cool and I wanna see what happens with Hugo.

Everyone eles so far is kinda meh to me,
I do wonder how these people would feel if they knew we were dating other people lol

I did not like Austin

I MATCHED WITH CPT. MUFFIN!!! I’ve had one conversation and this cat is already my favorite match.

Is it weird that right now my top two favorites are Clementine and Skylar? She’s so sweet and I just want to protect her; everything about her screams “victim of manipulation and emotional abuse” and I want to take her away from all this and surround her with love and empowerment. …Meanwhile this trash-baby texts me and some deep dark part of my brain reacts like “hell yeah let’s steal a car, yolo!” :joy: Emotional whiplash.

I’m glad to hear Cpt. Muffin can be matched with now. I hope to come across his profile again soon and see how that conversation goes. I’m really eager to match with Felicia, Julia, and either Ana or Melina (I’m guessing they share a storyline so you can’t match with both at once based off their bios).

Of the matches I have so far I’m enjoying Angel, Antoine, Vitoria, Clementine the most. Honorable mention to Austin though, he’s interesting.

Me too! I’m kinda really excited :joy:

Also I spent roughly 5 seconds with Oliver, went “nope, I’ve read this book and I didn’t like you then or now” and unmatched tf away. Blech. If anyone has the stomach to play his route through I’m curious, but it ain’t me.

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Yes, I have to admit, I made it with Oliver until date No. 4, but have to say: I hated this guy so profoundly at first… I’m so absolutely NOT into this SM thing… I wanted to unmatch that creepy guy right before date No. 3 (which is the actual SM date)… but then, I was too curious of what would happen afterwards, and what can I say? That guy got really attached to me and almost seems human :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: He’s starting to fall for me, but now he’s offline after we had an almost romantic date No. 4… (apparently, storyline not finished yet)…

But talking about counterparts: I have matched with William, the vampire… So does that mean Im not able to match with his CP, Julien??? Because I really would like to (tried several times, but no acceptance yet), is the story the same then? William is off now (same as with Oliver)… And am I able to match with the counterpart by unmatching the current match?

My favorites are Hugo, Noah, Jonathan, Seth, and Ryan!

Hugo is just the cutest dang thing I’ve ever seen and is the only one I have super natural chemistry and banter with. He also has a super fun/dramatic story with being engaged and trying to set me up with his friend. It’s predictable, but my heart skipped a beat when he finally came out and said how he felt and it hikes up the tension because I really think about my responses to him in fear it’ll scare him away. But the damn app is torturing me as this is now the second time he’s been “offline for a while” like they know he’s my fav :sob:.

Noah, I mean puppies…hard to fight that. Also has some sweet drama with his Alaskan dog sled race and it gives a legit reason why we can only chat and haven’t met yet. I find some of the dates super cringey so this works for me. Also there’s never any miscommunications with Noah, he’s sweet AF ad knows what he wants right away, also his pics usually include puppies which is worth the gems.

Jonathan is a new fav for me, but I quickly loved him. He’s an army hunk, which usually isn’t my style, but he’s super handsome and flirty but also clearly a good guy. We haven’t had a date yet, but the banter’s been great so far.

Seth is the perfect “thrilling” choice. He’s not as cliche as the typical bad boys, but as a hacker searching for his friend it’s a really fun storyline. The dates aren’t steamy enough is my only complaint, but I really enjoy the twists n turns.

Ryan is probs the most normal guy and the one I’d date in real life (aside form my angle Hugo, tho idk if I’d ever have the heart to pursue an engaged man in reality…). He has an amazing job, is nerdy but in that cute way, far better looking than he has a right to be, and just plain precious. One downside for real life is he hates horror movies which is a thing he’d just have to get over with me lol, but he’s the guy I’ve been on the most dates with and they’re a good mix of fun and sexy. They also always end with some drama which keeps it fun. Naturally he is also “offline for a while” because of course :roll_eyes:. I expect the app to do this to all my favs in time, sadly.

Sorry for the rant!! Adore the game and wanted to gush with others who felt likewise! I haven’t matched with any of girls because I don’t have any interest there romantically, tbh I wish you could choose if you wanted mixed or just one sex because then I feel like I’d be wasting my swipes less. Still so fun either way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: