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Who maxes and boosts commons

This may seem like a rage but I reached nuclear jungle and people here are using level 18 to 20 commons and not even good ones. They literally just have velociraptors with 136 speed and 1000 attack. This is so weird that you’ll think that they are bots but they’re actual players because they can give emotes.

I don’t know about Velociraptor, but there are quite a few people that are polar opposites of me and have little time during the week to play, but go bat crazy on weekends. Maxing out commons and boosting them can maintain the status quo for the arena and keep incs stocked during the week, then come the weekend it’s advantage time!
Once your main team is done you gotta work on something.
May as well be L30 max boosted Miragaia, Tricera G2, Deino, Ophiacodon, Draco G2, Sloth, Tany, and Tarbo.


I don’t play hybrids or Apex outside of Raids and Strike towers. For me the Arena is for prehistoric creatures (and the film canon hybrids). I level them up to 22nd and I boost (free boosts) 6-6-6. Commons can be quite underrated.


Hehehehehe me of course

Yea I believe it but they will regret it. So if I were you, just ignore it (im aware this is hard but yea, just power through it and get those better creatures!) also 136 isnt that fast considering the scorp g1,2,3 can put speed them with not boosts.

I’m not really complaining here.

More free wins for me :laughing:

I do. Not for arena, but for strike tower and advantage tournament fun :wink: This is what I have so far.


I currently have 5 L30 commons and all 5 are max boosted, I have enough DNA to make 2 others 30 but not the boosts while I’m still working on one.
I really miss common only tournaments :pensive: I keep praying every month we get one, maybe skill tournaments won’t have common only but I’m sure we should at least have common only advantage because I don’t want to feel like I leveled and boosted my commons for… well, nothing, man, commons sure feel like the most neglected rarity… :disappointed: