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Who needs an alliance?

Is your leader inactive? Are you frustrated with your current alliance? Carnage Collectors could use about 4 to 5 really active players for this rare opportunity. We are teamed up with 2 other alliances to build up sanctuaries as high as possible. Currently have a level 18 sanctuary. And WOW the DNA you get from it. We have a discord if you join the alliance and prefer to have an alliance with better communication and organization. Also I post links for free in game cash on the discord. Please message me to be invited or just send a request to join us in Carnage Collectors.


I need an alliance … how can I do

Message me your in game name and tag number

My alliance, Dazed Dinos II, has partnered with Carnage Collectors and Laker Dinos on the Ark to share high level sanctuaries. It is impressive how quickly sanctuaries level when up to 150 players feed, interact and play (FIP) with the dinos of the co-op sanctuaries. You undoubtedly know that you get more DNA with each level; the increased amounts at levels 12 and 18 are very impressive.

I can highly recommend our partner alliance, Carnage Collectors. If you join, you will be able to benefit from our shared sanctuaries. Feel free to ask, or send me a DM, if you have any questions about our sanctuaries.

Shaymin :slight_smile:


Or you can just play without being in an alliance. I did this. This is fun (no more pressure for alliance missions), except that you don’t get weekly alliance rewards

The rewards make an alliance worth it. Our alliance doesn’t pressure you with rules. As long as you continue to play the game, you’ll be golden in Carnage Collectors. We have only kicked inactive players. We don’t kick players for silly reasons. It’s an alliance you can feel safe in.


So this is a friendly alliance, that is great! I have been in alliances where leaders (like 2 or 3) were obsessed by the 5/5 goal in alliance missions and kicked low-trophies members every day :frowning:.

I wish you good luck with this alliance (I just looked at it and I think that it contains solid players)!

How do you partner with a different alliance to build up sanctuaries?

There is an article on gamepress.



Thank you. I’ve actually read that article before. But it doesn’t answer the question I asked.

The article tells you what a shared sanctuary is. It doesn’t tell you how to set one up between 2 alliances. I imagine there needs to be alliance members who are in the same city to make it happen.

Yes, this is written in the article:
" What you need is 2 different alliances that have access to the same local sanctuary . So that means people living in the same household that are members of 2 different alliances or go see if there are any occupied sanctuaries in your city and see if you can connect with that person or alliance. The JWA discord has an “in search of channel” that might help you find someone, or reach out to someone on the forums about it."

And you’re saying that’s what the 4 alliances referenced above are doing?

@MikkoAmour - can you tell me more about how you set this up with the 2 other alliances you referenced?

Join an alliance. Drop a creature in a sanctuary. Join a different alliance. Drop a creature in that same sanctuary. Join a different alliance. Drop a creature in that same sanctuary. Now 3 alliances have access to that sanctuary as long as all 3 alliances drop creatures in the sanctuary. Our shared sanctuary is 19, almost 20 now

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I understand. Thanks

An inactive player left, so we have an opening now if someone needs an alliance.

Ok, we have 4 available spots now after removing players who were no longer playing. If you’re looking for an alliance, join us in Carnage Collectors. We really need more players who can help open daily incubators. So please join if you battle daily!