Who needs to be replaced?

Considering my first unique: Indoraptor, what should be taken-off from my team to get this beast IN?

Also I have got Pyrritator last week. Not sure if I can use him too?

I would drop one of you stega hybrids not that anyone of them are bad but you got like 5 tankish creatures and indo will give your team more balance.

You can also play around with swaping out pirritator for either tragod or megla… both are going to be less useful after the patch. Megla looses health and tragod loses the clense.

Or swap out both megla and tragod for indo and pirritator this might be the better option once the dust settles on the patch.

I would drop Tragodistis and put in Indoraptor; possibly drop Stegoceratops for Pyrittator once you have levelled it up.


I am leaning towards having Megalo in the team even after the 1.5 release. Only because of the new improved counter. And yes, I would like to replace Tragod with Indor.

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Im a meglo fan myself so i cant say i disagree with that choice… i like counter attackers in general and hope they will still be decent options post 1.5