Who on here enjoys 1.7 matchmaking?

Simple question .
How many of you enjoy the matchmaking since the introduction of boosts in the 1.7 update ?
Personally I hate it now , and my whole year of building dinos , grinding and collecting feels like it was a waste of time . There are Draco’s out there that one shot a full health Erlidom up to level 28 !
So let’s hear from you , do you like it or hate it ?

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It’s terrible. At 5100 trophies i fought someone with 4000. However his entire team was level 30 boosted Dino’s. I got destroyed. Trophy count shouldn’t have any part in matchmaking in my opinion. People drop on purpose way too often.

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Absolutely hate it, but i’m starting to think Ludia has no clue how to fix matchmaking.


Hate it.
I used to always do incubators as soon as I could watching the video at the 15 min mark, and then immediately battling again to stay full.

Now it’s daily incubator and done.

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I do

Ok, no I don’t

matchmaking is disgusting right now.
I prefered the time where high lvl player could bully low level player.
Atleast,i could play


It’s terrible for those of us who used to be above 5K and now can’t get near it due to the broken mm and trophy allocation. For examples and details see numerous threads on this forum.

There are winners, of course, who have gained as many trophies as I have lost (> 600) with their lower level teams that are never matched with higher level teams and benefit from getting more trophies per win than they should (if the algo were correct/fair). For examples see the LB.

Tired of it all… may need to go back to catching pokemon if 1.8 doesn’t fix it :slightly_frowning_face:


Arena le’ garbage. No get combat incubator today from arena 8. Many dirt bags use level 25 boost dinos down here as they can not have skill to fight where they belong. some use draco over and over to pick on level 20 dinos to feel skill and free win. Feel better ARTHUR? Feel better Charronstyx?

Happened to me once, brought out my erli, selected my first move, next moment, old draco comes running out n chomps my erli to oblivion lol well there is a first time for everything I guess :man_shrugging:
I think I dont care anymore what I’m matched with, just go in arena, do watever business is needed n get the hell out lol

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