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Who’s also done barking up a dead tree?


So if we scroll the topics in this section of the Forum the majority consists of very reasonable criticism and suggestions. Whether it’s about the arenas, the “balance”, the daily or alliance missions or the alliance set ups. Still, apart from a standard “please contact support” message every once in a while, nothing has improved. If anything, it has rapidly become worse.
So if
1- the game is rapidly losing its charm
2- suggestions aren’t even taken into consideration
3- more and more players get bored or fed up
4- vip memberships are cancelled quicker than you can obtain a reasonable amount of dna for a creature that actually DOES something for your team
5- alliances breakup or simply stop trying to obtain the alliance goals because their ridiculous and unrewarding
6- “balance” is nowhere to be found except in the heads of the developers who decided a single unique in the event would ruin the game
7- the amount of coins needed to actually have a steady progress in your team is so unrealistically high it’s unobtainable unless you’re spending money
8- talking about money: the amount you need to pay just to level up 5 dinos from level 19 to level 20 is more than 50 euros /dollars an absurd amount of money.
9- the fact that every fuse costs money and then you’ll have to spend another few K in order to actually make the upgrade happen (spending about twice the amount in total)
10- all of this game, literally ALL OF THIS GAME, is based on a pure gamble. Even if you spend the €50+ on the incubators

Doesn’t this all mean we should leave the game for a while? Just leave it. Quit playing, spending money or not doesn’t matter. Just as a statement that we’re all so incredibly FED UP with being pushed around like a hoard of idiots? And maybe, just maybe… they’ll finally get the message and actually read al the well formulated and motivated feed back we’ve all been handing them over FOR FREE.

Or are we all too addicted ?


I agree here 100%
Coins are so hard to earn, and things are too expensive!


We’ve stopped. We don’t even try anymore. It’s not worth it.


^agree 100%


Sadly the games producer seems distant. It seems we commincate with Ludia higher ups via staff with less authority. And so community opinion is looked down upon with Ludias decision makers.

It’s waterfall management projected down on customers. I doubt anything can fix it until we get a different person in charge.


I strongly disagree. I’ve played since last summer and the game has improved massively. Coins and DNA where much harder to get back in the day, while today you get absolutely showered with them, alliance missions, daily missions, battle incubator, DNA trading. When you reach higher levels the gyms also provide you with loads of coins, 13.000 for the gold one at lvl 16! And on top of that we can now spin and battle gyms at the max range which improves your gains so much.

The difference with 6 months ago is so absolutely massive, the game is basically a new game. Your complaints are very shortsighted in my opinion. You talk about Ballance issues when they have nerfed and changed Dino’s literally every patch, only to be met with an equal amount of whining of the people who leveled the nerfed Dino’s. It’s literally never okay for this community. Yes it sucks Tentorex got removed after they promoted it, and pricing is absurd, but the game rocks.

I’ve never spend a single cent, not even a one time offer, and this is my team:


Happy you’re happy. Sadly, you’re one of few I’m afraid. But everyone is entitled to their opinion and if yours is positive that’s good for balance :wink:


The problem isnt that they dont “balance” dinos the problem is their idea of “balance” are more about monetization then from a gameplay stance. So you have these nerfs on dinos that didnt deserve nerfs but were nerfed to make their hybrids look better. To push people to make purchases to level up the new hotness only for them to nerf the new hotness next patch.


Fully agree. I haven’t spent a single penny either. Yes everything is expensive, but as a F2P player, the decent DNA is also rare, so I don’t generally have thousands of DNA with no coin, or thousands of coin with no DNA. For true F2P, with a full time job and a family, the balance is good.

I understand that full time gamers or those who spend money might be frustrated, but that’s because their resources are out of sync with the natural balance. This game has improved massively since inception, and there are loads of things to collect and do for a casual gamer.

I know the store items are way overpriced, but who buys a £50 incubator to get one virtual dinosaur, for the same price as a full xbox game, or a 3-course meal for two, or a new pair of trainers, or an MOT service with wash n vac, or a weekly supermarket shop… I mean come on, fifty quid! You are a mug if you buy it and then complain.

Team below for free. Happy with that.


@Neo7L and @Solmasaurus :100: Nice teams :+1:


And just don’t spend money. Simple as


Its not about just that. Even without spending a dime we all bring in a nice amount of revenue just by watching those commercials for a speed up.


Well… I don’t have a dime… haha I’m like that.
-I’m a Brit! :stuck_out_tongue:
Tbh, I’ve never spent money on any game, barring buying it.


Hey, I’m Dutch so about spending money… :wink:


It bothers some more than others and a lot of it is subjective.
I still enjoy the game and never really make suggestions. (Other than bug fixes of course)
Locally, everyone that was already VIP is still VIP and other than occasional complaining about certain things they don’t like, I wouldn’t say we’re fed up yet.
Alliances could be a problem in the future, but if it ever gets to a point where our alliance falls below 4/3, I keep an eye on recruiting threads. An alliance that actively recruits and boots inactives will always succeed.
Balance? Yeah that’s kinda jacked. But you have to keep in mind there are people that can dart 200+ DNA uniques if given an hour. (I don’t think many realize just how powerful that is)
Coins are 100% subjective.
The point that really strikes home is #10.
I wanted a cerebral game experience.
I wanted Chess… I got Black Jack. :frowning:

Should we ALL leave the game?
Just the people that no longer enjoy it.
I don’t hate Black Jack that much.


I just had an arena match. I chose indoraptor, opponent chose Thor. I said let’s go rng route and see how this game works. I went first, chose evasive, he bit right through. Indo then got stunned, almost dead. No damage to Thor. He swaps to Magna, Magna dies. He picks Indo, so now I’m curious…I pick Thor. He went evasive and blocked everything.

I left the game right there.

I love the comments from the people that believe there’s skill in this game. It’s actually about 80% luck and 5% skill, 15% team building, and a large portion of your team is based on luck, luck of where you live, hunt, work…where you get your DNA, what you get from incubators.

Between this morning, getting 15 iguano DNA from a “Treasure chest”, the nerfed everything and the absolutely ridiculous RNG of this game, I think I’m done. I’m certainly curtailing the amount I play and care about this game. Certainly will cancel VIP this afternoon.

What are they thinking???


I’m really hating this game more and more.
I havent lost all my faith yet :wink:.
But I might have to uninstall the game one of these days :slightly_frowning_face:.


And THATS exactly my point. So many post problems, decreased motivation, lack of fun… yet… they all keep playing (one or two exceptions). Hence my final sentence: are we too addicted to quit (or do we just enjoy barking up a dead tree) :wink:

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Both opposite comments remain correct. The game is much better than 6 months ago AND the managers of the game are ruining it for no reason.

Example: I did not open my Season 6 winnings immediately and they deleted the email with incubator in just 7 days. Customer support confirmed it. I deleted VIP and became 100% F2P. So how was that a good business decision?


that seems like your own fault