Who’s better(flying dinosaurs and their hybrids)

Flyers are some of the worse dinosaurs that in my opinion are meant to become DNA farms. But which is best

  • Darwinopterus, Dawezopteryx, stygidarx, pterovexus
  • Hatzegopterx, darwezopterx, stygidarx
  • Pteranodon, Pteraquetzal, quetzorion
  • Quetzalcolatus, pteraquetzal, quetzorion
  • Dimorphadon, dimodactylus
  • Tupundactylus, dimodactylus
  • Dsungaripterus, dsungia
  • Scaphognathus, scaphotator
  • Arambourgainia, koolabourgainia, geminititan
  • Alanqua, alankylosaurus

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Note: I’m counting the hybrid as flyers if one of the parents are flyers

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I won’t vote. Sorry, but I won’t think of Gemini as a pterosaur. If we’re talking only about flyers, then Vex is without doubt the best

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I think you spelled Alanqa wrong, just sayin’

I just counted it as having flyer DNA

Jokes on you because we’re not dinosaurs

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@Earlidominus you listed me twice in the options

I like to include the hybrid on both of its parents