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Who’s Better?

Just for fun folks…

Who’s better

Chuck Norris
Bruce Campbell


Chuck Norris

Chuck Noris Approved


You know, I never asked, but can there be posts on here not about JWA? I don’t think I’ve seen any before

If this one is ok, then i may think of starting one about what creatures they can bring in from Ark.


Chuck Norris is my idol

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never realized that. i only know the name as well as some memes about him.

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Even Stevens so far ( I’m all about The Bruce).

I actually saw Chuck Norris at a Anime con a few years ago. Was pretty cool.

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Evidently someone here likes him a bit too much because they flagged my comment. :slight_smile:

This topic does not need a category.

3-2 to the lone wolf so far!

Winner is first to five with the winning vote picking the next 2 :slight_smile:

Army of Darkness is one of my favorite movies…

I guess I’ll go Bruce Campbell.

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Tied again! Oh the drama!!!

Bruce Campbell, loved him in Evil Dead and his cameos in Spiderman

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The Chin is now in the lead 4-3!!!

The suspense is killing me!!!

Bruce Campbell? Are you sure you have the right Bruce?

The original and best! Hail to the King baby!

You probably thought I was gonna say Bruce Willis, right?
Nah, Bruce the Shark beats Chuck Norris eveytime.