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Who’s da new dino?

I’m really interested in the new dinosaur Ludia is releasing on and I can’t wait to see wut it is

I think its indoraptor gen 2

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I mean, it just might be cuz’ the preview shows that it’s most likely to be a carnivore (and it has those type of claws)

Almost sure that it’s Indoraptor gen 2. Indominus rex gen 2 tournament, Velociraptor S-DNA tournament. What else could it be?

For some reason, I keep reading the posts title as someone calling a puppy.
Aaaaaaand, I just now realized that your name is @Puppy_Rex. Ah…

I think its most likely the Indo V2.

My hopes want it to be Spinosaurus V2.

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Yeah… especially since there’s already Gen 2s of Velociraptor, T-Rex and Indominus, also for the fact it says a “second creature of the future.” Nobody would really think the line would be complete without the Indoraptor Gen 2.

Yup… that’s meh alright.

Spino G2? Expect a Utah G2 then ,hopefully a Spinotasuchus g2.

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I still think it’s gonna be the Indo G2, even tho that sounds really cool.


I know that this is a Indo G2,I am saying that we can have a Spino G2 and the other stuff really soon as a probability,it is not a must.


Actual dinosaurs instead of gen 2s would be better.


So true. Carcharodontosaurus? Maiasaura? Iguandon? We have very few hadrosaurs. Dracorex is luckily here.


Dreadnoughtus would be OP in JW:TG like in JPB.

Indoraptor gen 2, the hand structure is the feed as the feed animation for indoraptor

Yeah… if that’ll ever happen.

I’m so surprised.
Everyone expected it was gonna be Indo G2. And… well, we were right.

Anyone know what I’m talking about? XD

Yeah! So Surprised . Surprisingly this guy is not as appealing as in JWA. But I do like the design they have chosen,and the stance,it makes it look more like a Raptor stance than the Indoraptor stance.

I’m also REALLY surprised!lol.:joy:.However I like. His skin colour though

Yeah… I agree with both of you.