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Who’s next to be nerffed?


So since those who started crying for Utarinex to be nerffed and got their wish, what Dino do you think it’s next to be nerffed?


Please not Utarinex lol.
I’m almost ready to start fusing it.


Probably dracorex gen 2 (more people crying about that than Rinex)

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Anything that’s got 129 speed, greater stunning rampage as well as rampage and run … probably


no nerfs needed. just tweak the weak dinos.


No question about it, chicken needs reconfiguring … but I won’t copy/paste the entire threads we have about it here :yum:


all uniques should be tyrant level.


ill respectfully disagree. as an owner of one, i can tell you there are just as much weaknesses to it then there are strengths.


i think they set the bar and should adjust to that bar.


I agree. Minor tweaking of other Dino’s and the creation of new ones will keep the game rolling. Without hurting the players that have invested so much in boosting



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Huh? You are asking to tweak the dozens of other dinos to its level rather than the dino in question. Hmmm I wonder what seems the easiest, the most conveniant and the less problematic of fixing this without touching so many calculations in one sitting… remember Ludia are known to get things wrong. So what could possibly go wrong with doing it your way?


Hopefully this. Diloracheirus needs a nerf or two badly.

I’d say that’s pretty much it. Trykosaurus could use some tweakings as well.

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im saying that i dont like having to accept mediocrity. its a good dino like this. why mess with it. i never said tweak a dozen. but why subject it to change because others arent on par with it?


Why nerf Diloracheirus? It is not broken IMO. It is still very glassy and can suffer against tanks and shields.

Agreed with others saying to not nerf things but buff weaker uniques instead. Buff Tuora and Magna, especially Magna. A unique should feel strong and superior and at tyrant level, not underwhelming and subpar to legendaries, considering how hard it is to get most uniques.


while we are at it lets get rid of indoraptors evasiveness. when does it end? leave good dinos alone and add or tweak.


Agreed. So many options to implement into new Dino’s. Faster/distracting/bleeding/immunity/stunning. Why take one step forward then two back? Create new ones to defeat the old.


the easiest thing to do is to nerf things. you said it right.

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If we have to wait two month’s inbetween each possible new unique to beat the old ones this game will see an even more decline if players. There needs to be a balance. So what a legendary can beat an unique? It creates a diversity this game needs. Can’t be all uniques or else everyone in the top will use similar teams and end off facing RNG (more RNG than now) and it will be a game of dice rather than tactics. We need a balance, a balance with all sorts of viable options. If that means Rinex gets a slight nerf, and others get a slight buff then that is perfect. But there needs to be balance in a gamesuch as this.

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And by nerfing you are essentially repeating the same thing. Ppl that worked hard to boost that dino will now have to work on something else to reach the same lvl. Just a repeating cycle. So new and next would be the best model. So not to affect someone’s team out the gates. Give each player time to work towards a goal before demolishing their team