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Who’s ready for the next update

I’m definitely ready for the next update to see where JWTG is taken us

Worried is more the word I would use.


I, on the other hand, am definitely ready for the PREVIOUS update. Rollback to 35, please.


I’m digging this so far. Definitely excited to see where else this game could go. There is still so much potential left.

I didn’t blow through the 5 new levels yet. I’m taking it easy and enjoying the journey.

I’d also take the rollback and undo everything, game was pretty good before the update :wink:

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I like Isla Sorna a lot. I’m not asking for a roll back, just more DB’s.

Bring the DB trade option back into Custom trades for VIP Players and I think I’ll be good to go. I do recognize that more DB’s have been added into the daily missions and that DB trades are popping up more in the TH, which are big steps in the right direction (and much appreciated).

Also can I just say that I am just glad to see continued development of this game well into its fourth year? I definitely didn’t expect this length of time for active development when this game released.

This game is definitely awesome, all I really want different at this point is for Ludia to be less greedy with the DB’s like they used to be…

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The only part of this entire update that wasn’t utter trash is the 5 more levels, and even that, if the missions I’ve seen are any indication, is more “ok” than actually good.

Well said I definitely agree with everything you touched on


I think the increased difficulty level needs to be addressed as well. I don’t mind challenging battles, but some players are randomly experiencing ones that are simply not winnable, and that’s not reasonable.

Id like to see custom trades return with the prize as bucks. Otherwise, any update would be great