Who’s your best opener?

What have you all found to be your most versatile opening dino, boosts aside. Indogen2 for me, bit revisiting Thylo and other bleeders

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I’ve experimented with my alloraptor. Yeah, she gets beat by a lot of other openers, but she can take a decent chunk out of almost anything before she dies. (138 speed). sometimes i jsut swap her out immediately into something else that can take the hit and finish the fight.

Utasinoraptor. Does loads of damage right off the bat, and mine is faster than most of my opponent’s starter dinos.

Otherwise, I’ll use Quetzorion (good against most openers), Carnotarkus (can always survive at least one dino, though I prefer to use her later in battle). If none of them are present then I make a judgement based on what I have.

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I normally use indo since I don’t have a strategy for indo2 and most people send out indom

Erlidom or IndoG2

It’s really the only one I have that doesn’t have a disastrous opening matchup.

Geminititan. It has yet to lose a opener matchup. Never dies without a kill first lol

run both towers. open with one and end with the other when you have both.


The towers beat pretty much everything, but I open with Carnotarkus. What it doesn’t beat it leaves as setup fodder.

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Gemini if unboosted.
Carnotarkus (used to be unboosted but now has T2 HP) if I have Kaprosuchus around.
Smaxima if I have nothing else around (T10 HP boosted)

I like opening with Erlidominus and the risk of facing a tank or a faster Erlidominus. Though I try to avoid using Indoraptor Gen 2 as much as possible, I sometimes use it as a starter. A creature I don’t start with as much as I used to is my unboosted Thoradolosaur. Smilonemys is a great starter, but I’m always scared starting with my best creature, so I usually avoid opening with her.

I always send Maxima in first to stomp around, and test the water.


Lately, I’ve been starting Tryko, but it also depends on my draw. Last night I started Mags (which is a higher speed high attack build) and a faster opening Spyx one-shot me and proceeded to decimate the rest of my team :rofl:. Tryko, Maxima, and sometimes Gem are usually my starters though.


I have been starting with Tryko to open… it’s actually working for me so far

something has fewer HARD counters, fewer delayed moves, and a slowing move (suchotator, stegod, maxima/gemini)

Go with anything (if you get them) that are super good at 1v1 matchups. Of course it depends on boosts and your opponent, though.

I go either indo or tryko; and Incase I need a swap in have Thylacotator to help out in stick situations

Ardmax. This dino is good against anything, so hs’s a great opener. Nemys and Indoraptor (G1, I refuse to use the broken G2) are also pretty good in this role.

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I respect and stand by that statement


Been starting tryko recently as I’ve seen a lot of erlidom starters. Depends on the number of speedsters/tanks I have