Who should I go with?

Account looks like this right now.
Options are gorgo lvl 40, tapejalo lvl 40, priotrodon 20, ankylodocus lvl 30, nundago lvl 40, draco lvl 40, ostaposaurus lvl 30 and other suggestions from you.

I’d say Dracorex. You have no herbivores stronger than a lvl 40 legendary

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You need a herbivore

only if you want your PvE to get harder
tapejalo lvl 40
ostaposaurus lvl 30

good options
ankylodocus lvl 30
draco lvl 40 (This is a good option but will have a longer cooldown time than the Ankylodocus)

Not bad options as they will make your bench deeper
nundago lvl 40
priotrodon 20
gorgo lvl 40

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Thanks y’all, went for ankylo 30.

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