Who should I max out

I win four of the new Dinosaurs but I don’t know to for for.

Whatever your lineup is missing.
Sinoceratops: Decent Herbivore
Sphenacodon: Decent Carnivore
Dilophosaurus Gen 2: Tank Carnivore
Gryposuchus: Glass Cannon Amphibian (which may probably have a glass cannon amphibian hybrid :man_shrugging:)

Or you can max them based on looks

I only have two Herbivores that are the super hybrid ones.i been fighting a lot of Carnivore I going to max Gryposuchus.


That 9000+ ferocity drop from Indoraptor to Gorgosuchus :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


He does have more creatures hes just showing you his lineup from a legendary rumble event