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Who should i remove for the green one

Im not sure what 1 to remove for my 1st green dino. Im thinking the herbivore

Tyrannoloph. It starts to get outclassed at this point.


Its hard to decide because you dont know how quickly you can level up a dino

i was more looking at what indoraptor does and what the other dinos do. Which do the same job as it, and, if there are multiple, what gets outclassed sooner. Allosino, indom and tlpoh do roughly the same job as indo. Indom stays because of its complete immunity and Alosino has armor over tloph and can potentially stall a turn with instant charge. Tloph gets outclassed unfortunately. However it is still a decent dino.

I think your bang on shame about the boosts ive used on it. Probably wont use it again now lol

I used one for a long time. lv 20 t5. when i got into aviary, it started to get outclassed. Constantly getting detracted, slowed, or stunned to the point i could only get 1 attack off. I had to replace it with something that could keep up with at least one of those things. IDK, maybe i didn’t have it boosted enough.