Who should I replace with indotsurus

I like indominus rex and I’m not removing her. I think it’s be cool if I just had an all cloak team, indom, indom g2, erlidom, indoraptor, indotsurus, scorpius rex g3, scorpius g2, and scorpius g1.
I’m prob going to have to wait for a boost reset if I replace something like Thyla since I only used her for bleed and now scorp g3 has an even better bleed. Can u tell me how to boost scorp 3. I was thinking of 15 hp, 8 speed and 7 attack.

I also have 40 dna of tryko from fusing so I know I’ll use tryko eventually when I get indom to 30.

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Thor, tenonto indom or magna.


maybe get rid of the cat, for gen 3 do maybe do 5 for each one, and then after that, just do heath or attack, for me, with it is a tank, I do huge health and attack, for Thor, I do attack and heath and a little of speed. But your team looks very good. But I am not very good, at giving people ideas.

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12/15/3 is the most common for SR3. Replace indom, thor, magna or tenrex in that order of priority.


Ok thx. I’ll just stop leveling them for now since there so much higher and focus on better Dino’s

Thor, indom or magna

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Not really what this topic is about, but your Antarctov and Monolor could be good on your team if you get those leveled and boosted. Back on topic, Thor, Magna, Thyla, and Indom are the ones I recommend replacing the most. Thor can only get you so far with nothing but shatter and stun. Magna has the weaknesses of a standard glass cannon and doesn’t have many ways of reducing the foe’s damage. Thyla gets destroyed by anything with DoT resistance, and even more so anything with DoT and Rend resistance. Indom dies to pretty much anything with dodge and dodge removal, and has way too basic a moveset to be good endgame.

I think its best to replace thyla for Indotaurus.


ya that was what i was thinking since its not as relevant and is my lowest level

Replacing thyla is probably the best option, indot fills the same role as thyla but is much better at it

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