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Who should I stat up?

Who should I actually continue to stay up on this team?

I should have a Geminititan in a week or so, and have been considering switching out the Thora for the Allosino?

Planned on maxing HP on tenonto and rest into attack?

Max HP on monolorhino and rest in speed?

The whooly rino I’m doing Max HP and then rest in attack (it’ll eventually be off my arena team but i use it for the epic tourneys hence putting stats on it)

Rhinos are probability gonna be your best bet in terms of long game, although a nerf for WRhino is possible. For them I’d say Max attack and then HP, maybe 1 to 2 speed with MRhino

Stygadaryx is the only thing I would say you prob need to consider replacing. If you are just a fan of it or are really having luck with it than so be it, but her move set seems so situational for my taste.