Who should i swap out?

So just got a new hybrid, and i was wondering if anyone could offer recommendations on what i should swap out?


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I would swap stegod. Tryko and Dio are better tanks anyway.


Awww, is stego useless? :pleading_face:

Yes unless you level it up

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Unless overleveled, stegod won’t help you much

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Aw all righty then :pleading_face:

My Tenonto is a 30 and it took a lot to get it there. It did great through boosts 1.0, but after 2.0 and me no longer fueling the fire with my money, it was benched. I am secretly crossing my fingers for swap in stun or some other buff in the next update. My 30 Steg is also benched… Not sure if speed is the only answer or maybe something with a sia is key? Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Your team looks great and this is just my opinion, but Dilor also needs a little love before it is considered an end game dino. It used to be great, but not so much in this meta. Mine is a 29 waiting for the evolve button to be hit to get it to 30. I see coins aren’t on your side and just trying to help :slightly_smiling_face:


I know, dior needs to be upgraded but my coin acquisition has been halfed since i cancelled my VIP

It’s bad versus a lot of meta-relevant threats, including half your own team!

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Swap out in this order.
Stegodeus Low Apex. It’s a giant paperweight. So stop investing in it.
Utarinex Mid Apex Situational and distraction and stuns don’t work well against immune creatures.
Diloracheirus Mid Apex Situational and distraction and stuns don’t work well against immune creatures. Only reasons I did not say swap this out second is because it is 2 levels higher than Utarinex.

Swap in
Indoraptor Gen 2. Get that Echo and T-rex Gen2 and your Blue together.

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I’d eventually ditch thor for tenonto (when it reaches team level). Indo should be on your team (replace rhinex) as it’s probably the best creature you have after dio. Keep stego on for now and maybe throw dracocera on the team for alloraptor. Especially with erlidom and dilorach, a strike/rampage and run + savagery will bring the hurt on anything

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Utahsino is better than Alloraptor and Utarinex (in my opinion)


Do people still use indoraptor gen 1? I only ask because on the rare occasion i do play arena, i never see either indoraptor

Does anyone still use dracocera? I thought the rat got nerfed so bad that no one uses it?

It got hurt. It’s still viable though. And, like I said, it works quite well with a hit and run creature. The team above lacks swap-ins, which are crucial to the game now. I always want to have at least a few swap-ins, and dracocera is a pretty good canidate

I would kick stego…tanks without counter are useless

A lot of people using him (around 5400 trophy), i kick him from team (level 28). He is absolutly useless.

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I seeing him often, over boosted he is still good but against gen 2 he is like poor relative

Because Indo is a higher level than everything else he’s got, it should be on the team. It’s also pretty viable still even though it’s lost popularity to gen2