Who thinks epic spino should have a hybrid and what would YOU mix him with


Dont just say nothing because that’s boring… this is for inspiring ideas


I think that spino gen2 should be the rare and gen 1 epic would fix that conundrum. Also mean that all spino hybrids would have higher metascore and thus power cause with all the cleansing moves about in arena they need it. Gen 2 do not get hybridised as I think they are like mutants with defective DNA other than spino gen2 who epic for no reason it seems!?


Spino + Wuer = … Suchotator :joy:
I still think they made a mistake in current suchotator moveset.


1 because it would be more survivable and have armor piercing
2 because ferocious strike boost+counter attack+bleed would be devastating


Don’t anyone suggest epic Spino + Carno unless Ludia buffs Carno’s hp, damage and speed first. Then and only then, will our humble Carnotauri be worthy of hybridization.


Spinotaurus (Legendary) <- Spinosaurus Gen 2 + Carnotaurus
Brachiotitan (Legendary) <- Brachiosaurus + Giraffatitan
Tarbo Rex (Epic) <- Tarbosaurus + Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2


I actually have been thinking about this since awhile ago.
Spino+tragod: superiority strike, wounding rampage, instant invincibility and greater stunning impact

Spino+paramolo: exploit weakspot, wounding rampage, instant charge and rampage and run.

Spino+monostego: lethal strike(base attack), slowing rampage, nullifying rampage and greater stunning rampage.

Another unique to fight off trykosaurus thus bringing the rivalry to another level. Btw more money down to the packet.
Thank me later Ludia


After reading through and scoping through what I have I have come to a relatively decent hybrid…

Spinodontosarus - legendary(epic spino + epic secodontosaurus)

Moves: armor piercing strike x2 damage
Wounding rampage x2 damage DoT .66
Defense shattering rampage x2 damage
Critical impact(or strike if having a 1.5x damage is too OP)

Passive effect:immunity


I’m pretty sure indom is the only real heavy hitter that has immunity… would be nice to have some more big carnivores with immunity to fight off stegodeus


Although I had also thought of this combo, both dinos are lacking purpose, what youve laid out there would be OP. Def shat ramp with immunity on a relatively fast (spino has good speed) heavy hitter would have no counter. Maybe impact instead of rampage


Armor piercing strike I meant at a x1 damage


I say defense shatter rampage because they both have a rampage might as well make it a defense shattering… could leave wounding impact alone…


Spinosaurus Gen 1 x Spinosaurus Gen 2 and call it Spinsoaurus Gen 1.5


Just imagine facing it with immunity, no way to slow or reduce its damage. Its got 120 speed (faster than most creatures because sponos are fast) and 1200 dmg and ferocious strikes to 1800 and next turn hes going to pop you for 3600+ and theres nothing you can do to stop it. It would be not just OP but extremely OP


Duospinosaur? 2 spine sails? i could see it


I think Spino G2 and Pyroraptor could make a decent hybrid like Spinoraptor from JWTG.

Or maybe Spino G2 and Tany.


and what about the forgotten concavenator?


He stays forgotten I guess.


What did you have in mind?


i’m just saying, concav it’s very similiar to another dinos in some skills, like majundasuchus obiously there’s some diferences but i think it would be nice to integrate those epics and give it a chance like the spin gen 2