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Who Thinks Jurassic World The Game Should Have Day And Night Cycles?

A question me and my friend have been talking about for ages it will also look good with parasarolophus Gen 2?


I like the idea


Yeah me too, night ambiance is always good with all that lights and effects as we see while fighting against the bosses, on the background.

But I think it also means adding new animations to every single bit of an item, from decorations to buildings and all the other creatures we have.

So I am not only so doubted of them doing this, but also greatly afraid of a new glitchy implementation.


They can do it. It is in JWA

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But they don’t care about much as they do for JWA, as well.

Even we see a mention in our ingame mailbox, that informs us about the new update for JWA.

I doubt if they do the same, about the infamous update 52 of ours. :tipping_hand_man:t2:

While it is a 3 year old baby, our game is the 6 year old big brother that no one finds cute anymore.