Who thinks that recreating Dino’s in real life would be cool

This could mean a brand new ecosystem and adapting to them?


What do you mean by “real life”?

If you mean resurrecting dinosaurs, then apart from the fact that we had five movies and an animated series showing why bringing back dinosaurs would be a bad idea, and that birds have been fully inducted into Dinosauria being that they well and truly are modern dinosaurs and not “just” their descendants, quite simply, trying to resurrect non-avian dinosaurs would just make an entirely new lineage/order of reptiles that are “false” dinosaurs.

After all, there are no living descendants of non-avian dinosaurs, so the only way they can possibly be bred back from extinction is through birds, but birds are to non-avian dinosaurs what we are to non-Great Apes members of the Primate order: fairly closely related, but not close enough to use one species to bring back a true member of another species from extinction.

If you’re talking about, like, cutouts, statues, and/or animatronics, just visit your local museum, zoo, theme park, playgrounds, or one of the many traveling exhibitions :rofl:


Adapting is a nice way of putting things. They’ll adapt. We won’t

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Sure it might be cool, but imagine all the impacts it would have on the current ecosystem. Plus with all these environmental changes I doubt they would even survive in this atmosphere and environment

How different can dinosaurs be to modern animals? :thinking:
Creating Extinct animals are harder than u think but I think it’s cool

But I also

Example: Pterosaurs won’t be able to fly in this atmosphere



Southern Cassowary

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Inventing time travel would be more save than bringing back dinosaurs. Plus it’s probably impossible. Dna doesn’t last that long. The oldest dna we’ve found so far was 1.6 million years old

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Chickens are the closest living relative to tyrannosaurus sooo… we kinda have T. rex rn

Also we eat them


Yeah i forgot to mention about ethics if we were to ever reconstruct them

Glad Dominion’s doing that for me


Im pretty sure thats an even more terrible idea. Greed, alternate timelines, time paradoxes, messing with the space time continuim and the collapse of all reality

How about we learn when to stop? For ex. Stop adding new content and fix the bugs :laughing:


As cool as it’d be owning a pet Triceratops or going trail riding on a Carnotaurus or something I think it’d be an absolute nightmare.

Dealing with a single or herd of angry water buffalo, hippos or elephants is difficult enough, imagine a herd of angry sauropods who are double or even easily quadruple the size.


I mean how different?

quite different i would say.

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I think they’re not really different

But who knows, we may never know how some dinosaurs behave

Ostrich, Rhea.

Well, there it is.