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Who thinks we should have a Stunning Weekly Event?!?!

I need some more Ouranosaurus and they spawn in my area, but not like they used to. I think we should have them and a few other stunners in a Weekly Event!!


Metahub lists Stunning Creatures as. I certainly want Sinoceratops.

  • [Iguanodon]
  • [Einiosaurus]
  • [Triceratops Gen 2]
  • [Stygimoloch Gen 2]


  • [Triceratops]
  • [Tenontosaurus]
  • [Einiasuchus]
  • [Edmontosaurus]


  • [Stegoceratops]
  • [Sinoceratops]
  • [Sarcorixis]
  • [Stygimoloch]
  • [Ouranosaurus]

Legendaries (if lucky)

  • [Tragodistis]
  • [Paramoloch]
  • [Monostegotops]
  • [Diloranosaurus]
  • [Allosinosaurus]
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I don’t mean to cause you insomnia but the armor event will be back some time soon


I would prefer we have an Armored Weekly Event more, that way Sino and Ankylosaurus are both included.

Actually, I need a Dracorex event more. Two rare capsules and not a single Dracorex


Sinos, ourano, dracorex, irritators, and dimetrodon please :joy:


I definitely need Dimetrodon. Can’t seem to get it to level 20, Magnapyritar clearly doesn’t want to be saved

Dracorex has 2 stun skills. Don’t know why it’s not in the Metahub list.

Maybe cos it’s classification is named after Harry Potter. The type species is Dracorex hogwartsia, meaning “dragon king of Hogwarts”. Wrong franchise.


Exactly same!! I felt Armored event was the best (both Anklyo and Sino) being on the top wanted list!! Especially, putting 5 epics in the group increasing the number of attempts was a good bonus.

I wished they put more epics in every week’s group allowing more options and most important more chances!

Dracorex is my current most wanted Rare: My 2nd unique Utarinex is moving at snail’s pace just because of him. Wish I had caught Dracorex when it was available in L4. I used to ignore him like plague then :expressionless:


Same! I made a rough decision the other day. Put a slight pause on tryo and leveled the dimetrodon from 10 to 17, and the prritator from 18 to 20 with 6 fuses saved up. Still very short from a lvl 20 demitrodon haha.

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One of my biggest regrets when they first came out. Dracorex were just as annoying as the edmontosaurus at the time. Wish I knew I would need a ton for utarinex :sob:


You should live in my area, Dimetrodon and dracorex spawn here as commons. I’m far from utinarex but I shoot him never the less. Because i’ ve got the feeling that when i need him, he won’t spawn anymore…:thinking:


I find at least 4 Dracorex everyday

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How are you going on your utarinex ATM?

I am not sure why I used to ignore Dracorex that badly when it came out? Maybe I was not thinking that much ahead (about forming uniques)!

I even remember that one park event with Dracorex, Utahraptor, Procera… and I went for all Utah then and even Procera at the end (when I felt I couldn’t reach the limit), but no Dracorex :mask:

According to me/people forming legendaries/uniques, you seem to be living in L2 which is the current best local for rares/epics! Dimetrodons, Dracorex, Ourano… even Dienocherius!!

Yeah Ourano have been hard to find lately though. Dienos galore!!!

Haha lets just say my utasino was at lvl 22 with 8 fuses ready for utarinex. Now its level 23 with just about 8 fuses on the go. Im starting to give up :rofl: You know something is wrong with the spawns when you see more sinos then dracorex itself. Utasino isn’t too bad of a dino, actually one of my favs to use in battle. Hersh and I were talking the other day and decided to try and go for lvl 30 utasino. The only luck I have in acquiring utarinex is if there is a dracorex event. I live in L1 that borders L2 and although it may seem like a jackpot being only a few minutes from bike, I rarely see any dracorex / dimetrodons. Living in L1, Id see on an average about 4 or 5 dilos… I can only imagine if I were to live in L2 and seeing that green fella within darting range. That would help me on both the uniques since ouranos seem to be non existent as well.

You and me both! Never really considered or thought about uniques at the time. Actually didn’t think I would come close to acquiring the right ingredients to create the unique itself. That park event haunts me, I remember going for just utahraptors since I thought dracorex was like a procera v2. You aren’t alone haha.

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@Calebrys @torque I actually live in L2 during most of the week but not all L2 are created equal, that’s for sure! My L2 is swimming in Ophiacodon and some Deinocheirus, but I almost never see Dracorex or Dimetrodon!

I managed to get my Utarinex to level 22, but that’s only because one of the fuses magically gave me a 70! :scream: Unfortunately, at level 22 I can’t justify putting her on my team when my other dinos are 24 and up.

You got a good point, all spawns vary. I can only imagine the frustration of actually living in the zone and not finding any :tired_face:

Honestly you deserve a 70 and a couple of 50s for having to endure all the 10s in creating utarinex. One of the few reasons I may put utarinex on hold. At a level 21 if Im lucky to have the dino itself, won’t be as affective against the teams now a days haha. When I see a lvl 24 utarinex Im just like impressive… I can’t even find a dracorex :scream:

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