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Who to Attack with First in PvP

Obviously, this is very circumstantial, so I’m asking in a very general way that may help myself and others work out who we should play first in any Arena match.

When I my Sarcorixis is on the team of four for a pvp match, I always start with him, because he almost always gets the first kill, often two. If he’s not, I start with my Procerathomimus, who is only slightly less effective.

But sometimes neither of them are on the team, and then I’m usually uncertain about who to use of the ones I have.

Here is my full team, and the order in which I prioritize them right now:

  1. Sarcorixis (19)
  2. Procerathomimus (17)
  3. Indominus Rex Gen 2 (15)
  4. Indominus Rex (17)
  5. Thylacotator (16)
  6. Miragaia (19)
  7. Stegoceratops (16)
  8. Brontolasmus (15)

What would be your order of first creature preference, if that were your team?

Of the High Alpha or higher creatures I have using this tier list, those are the ones who seem to work well for me.

Well, except Brontolasmus seems to be too new to be on that list. But he seems to work well as a cleanup on my team.

In case it matters, here are the high alpha or higher creatures I don’t use, because I haven’t felt they worked as well for me. Let me know if you think I should swap out one of the above for one of these.

15 Alanqa
15 amargocephalus
15 gorgosuchus
15 smilodon
14 kentrosaurus
14 Pachycephalosaurus
14 Postimetrodon
14 Sinoceratops
14 spinotahraptor
14 Stygimoloch
13 Ouranosaurus
12 carbonemys
12 Dracorex Gen 2
12 Ornithomimus

That’s a list I have in a text file from when I was working out who to include, it may be slightly outdated. Like I have a mammoth now that isn’t on there.

Out of your first list, I’d start the same with sarcorix or procerath. I tend to like starting with a tank or a high survivability speedster if a tank isnt an option.
If sarcorix and procerath arent in the line up, either of the indoms should work as well.

Mammoth is also a decent starter. I’ve tried her in the epic tournament and she did quite nicely.

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I’d say your priority list is pretty much the same as mine. I might switch Miragaia around with Thylo, since Thylo can swap in to negate damage from a tricky opponent (although I guess you might do the same with Mira anyway).

Sarcorixis rocks though! I’ve been seeing a few of them even in higher arenas. They pack a punch.

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My frustration with the two Indominux Rex varians for anything more than cleanup is that when I play them, it feels like they’re just one burst of damage and then out of steam. It kills the first enemy, and then is almost guaranteed to die to the second. Maybe I’m playing them wrong, any advice on that?

The thylacotator is equally high on that tier list I linked to, but I definitely feel like I do something wrong with him, I’m lucky if he can take out one before he goes down. Especially since everyone seems to favor Immune creatures, so his DoT is out.

I think my mammoth is only level 11 or 12, so I feel even a weaker creature who’s 15+ is better for the team. Similarly, I love my recently-acquired Purutaurus, but he’s only level 14 and it feels like he’s just too easily killed.

Do you feel that species is more important than level, or vice-versa?

Yeah, that’s my own thought…despite not having a swap-in ability, the Miragaia’s counterattack is just so awesome, I can even swap her in against those ridiculous trolling Carbonemys and armor-pierce them to death. Even the damage taken from the swap-in attack can be fixed with the heal, and she still hits back with counterattack while healing!

I still haven’t figured out how to really use the Thylacotator effectively.

The indoms are a bit of 1 trick ponies, but their high hp combined with cloak helps them survive to deal massive damage. Indom doesn’t need to use a cloaked rampage most of the time. it tends to be overkill. a cloaked impact is what it usually ends up using. And going for a impact first rather than a cloak can throw some people off. Yeah she’ll take a hit, but if it’s against a precise using creature, it’s not a turn of take damage with no damage output.

I like thylo, but she’s pretty situational. against non immune creatures, she’s better swapped in on a high damage attack. tho mine usually dies tho thors (big level and boost difference) the bleed can severely weaken anything without cleanse. I also bring her in on indo g2s after one dino dies (and if rampage is on cooldown). Superiority strike to be faster, then it’s a out smarting game. Will indo go for evasive stance to tank the rending take down, or will it go for a speed up again?

Mammoth may be a few levels too low then. Her kit is good, but that doesn’t always translate 3+ levels up.

Purutarus is my girl. one of my favorite epic creatures. she’s a mind games creature. Her goal is to survive. how she does that depends on the situation. going against a bleeder? use cleansing strike. high damage dealer? instant distract. She also works well as a surprise finisher. many expect a dracorex or DC swap. not many expect a counter attacker.

A higher level dino is typically better, but a dino’s individual kit plays an important role. this is why dinos like procerath and thylo are good even when underleveled compared to the rest of the team (just using as examples) I like to look at the kit first. Will it work for what i want it to do? Does it do its job well? If yes, i consider permanently adding it to my team even if lower level. I’ll play a few trial battles in the arena with it on the team to see if it can hold its own and how far up in level difference it can take.

I agree that it’s often overkill, but I often use the cloaking anyway, to take less damage before the one hit kill.

Counterattacking creatures are my favorites. I can do other things and still deal damage.

Thanks for the great analysis and explanations. Now I’m wanting to ask you other questions to get equally cogent responses on those. Do you know anything about Brontolasmus or Scaphotator? They aren’t on that tier list I use yet, and I’m not sure if they’re as good as they seem to me.

I dont know how to use them effectively. I haven’t had a good opportunity to try then out.
You’re welcome for the analysis. Good luck with your team building.