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Who to Boost?

For a while, I have heard people say to only boost my dinosaurs once I get to Aviary, but once I get there who should I boost? Should I just wait for the new update and see if any balance changes occur, should I hold off until the next major update, or should I just go ahead and boost once I get there? The most important question I have though is who should I boost.

Thanks in advance!

1: Do not level up any dino you don’t plan to use in the future.
2: Set yourself goals. Use the tier list to help you decide what dinos you would like to use Jurassic World Alive: 2.5 Tier List! | Jurassic World Alive Wiki - GamePress
3: Yes, by the time you get there, Ludia will throw curve balls at you. They really have to balance the dinos better, so get ready to be mad at one point.
4: At one point, you can start boosting your dinos if you see yourself using them for a long time.
5: Against step 3, it’s always good to keep a reserve of boosts. So you can adjust as you go
6: Boosts are not the end of the world. You won’t be top 50 after a year, boosts or not. So, if you have no problems being only one arena lower than you should be, play unboosted until you want to do the last push.
7: From what I read, Aviary is hell… So don’t rush :slight_smile: You want to be much higher or lower :slight_smile:


basically this. playing unboosted isn’t the worst. you can actually get really creative and have a lot more freedom to swap around team members. If you plan on using apexes, i would prioritize boosting raid creatures for those over your arena team.


Shoot, that should have been my step 8!!! In fact, that’s my pet peeve about this game. You HAVE to boost 2 or 3 dinos to do the raids, so you cannot totally play unboosted. It’s hard to keep boosted dinos on the bench, so you always end up throwing those in your team…

if you’re the raid healer, its pretty easy to keep a tuora or a dilorach on the bench. they aren’t amazing in pvp. other things become a bit more difficult to not want to throw in there since they’re already boosted.

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What dinos are considered best for apex and unique raids? I am slowly working on toura but what else are good for legendary, unique, and apex?

Level 26 tuoramoloch, level 20 irritator (ideally level 25), level 22 tryostronix (ideally level 26) and you are more or less set.

Gorgotrebax raid can be done with a level 24 tuoramoloch (never tried with a lower one but it could work), hadros lux can be done with a level 21 tuoramoloch paired with a level 15 irritator, ceramagnus can be done with a level 16 irritator and a quite low level tuoramoloch, I would need to double check exactly what health is needed for the tuoramoloch, it should be health of irritator plus counter of miragaia or 4411 I believe. You need 3343 health on tuoramoloch for mortem rex, ideally 4178.