Who to replace in my team?


I’ve been grinding pretty hard for dna and made a little headway in leveling up and unlocking some dinos. But now, I don’t know who to replace, keep, or level up. This is my roster:

I want to be able to survive against these teams below because I may get unlucky in match-up.

Who should I kick off my team and who should replace them? Who should I work to level up?


I’m sitting out on battling for incubators for now till I have a strong enough team to survive against the lineups above :joy: What I’m stuck on is figuring out which dinos would be effective counters for them and I don’t know which to prioritize and focus on


Dam You have a raw team.


What does that mean? :joy:


lol that you have a very good team that I wish I had haha


I ditched my Indom a while ago, so personally I’d say drop it for Tryko or Tryo


Thanks! But I don’t think my team is strong enough to survive the other two yet. I know something needs to be replaced and others need to be leveled, I don’t know which :rofl:


My biggest wall right now is dealing with Tryko and Utarinex. What do I use against them? I know IndoRaptor can be helpful against Tryko but that’s just one dino and assuming I have IndoRaptor at high level with his evasive stance working. Utarinex I don’t even know, that H*llraiser dino just hit, stun and run :joy: And when the opponent somehow also manage to get Dilocheirus plus Erlidominus in the deck as well, I’m in for a real beating


Utahsin and Pyrritator can be useful, but I’ve decimated a Utahsin 5 levels above my dino, and Pyrri is easy to swat with a common raptor.

If I had to choose who the weakest links were, it would be them.


Who do I replace with them? Or should I just play it safe and try to level everything to 25? :laughing:

I’ve had my Utahsinoraptor up against an Allosinosaurus of the same level, despite higher speed from Utahsinoraptor, she lost out to her relative due to much lower hp. Pyrritator for me had been very much so reliant on chance, almost as much as evasive stance because I have to guess correctly to make RTC useful. She is useless once slowed down.


As for the second team, Indom is the lowest on the food chain there. The cloak is notorious for not working 60% of the time - ALL THE TIME, and i would consider swapping in monomimus. Maybe Alanky. You have a very aggressive lineup, but you lack harassers. You want to have at least two agile dinos that can evade successfully, and force the opponent to make a desperate bad move.


As for strategy…

Always look at the deck you’re given, and formulate your plan of attack. Try to think one or two steps ahead of your opponent. If things go south, always be ready on defense (a “Plan B”).

I can’t say I’ve ever met up with Tryko or Erli, but I try to figure out which dino the opponent will try next. Usually, it’s a raptor of some sort. I just use stegocera or nodopato to slow them down, then stun-lock them into oblivion.


To deal with Tryko, anything shattering/piercing/damage reducing… but Utarinex is a different story. It seems like nothing can stand up to it in most situations lol.


I’m no longer using my IndoRex and Monostego, cause they can be countered pretty easily in the higher arenas.
I don’t use my Pyritator cause it’s much of a glass cannon(if paired with your Utahsino and Monomimus, that would be bad).
If you’re having trouble with Utahsino, you can replace it by using Dilorano(she’s still good despite the nerf while waiting for Utarinex).

I’d personally love to put Tryko and Ankyntro there since they’re both tanky, can counter/swap-in counter kill, and can bring you other possibilities.
I’d also like to put Tryostronix in the mix, cause of its immunity, can charge up, and can deal a great amount of dmg.

But, that’s just me.

Every player has different sets of play, so I think it just comes down on how you can manage your team.
Challenge some of your friends to have some familiarization on some of your dinos and also how to counter your opponent’s team. :wink:


Might sound weird but I ditched my I-Rex because I hate chancing it with him.
Turns out I have been winning alot more without him.
Maybe I am just bad luck with that dino haha


Did you decide to permanently bench tryko (or at least in this meta)?

I’m Still torn about what to do with my Ankylosaur


I would replace the Utahsin for the Allosin for sure. Then the Monosteg would be replaced by the Tryostonix. That one because you already have the Minomimus in there. Just my opinion, not sure how all the uniques perform yet. However, I have taken some down quite easily that I’ve faced.


Still debating what to do. I feel that if I’m going to use Slowpoke (Tryko), she needs to go up at least a level or two first. Thinking of putting in Tryostronix but Skeletor’s damage output seems a bit low. I almost feel like I have to somehow create Utarinex and Dilocheirus to have a chance, or level my Rajakylosaurus to past 20 :joy:

I need to practice with friendly battles. I’ve decided that for now Alankylosaurus is pretty ineffective


Okay, I just tested out Tryostronix. I feel mixed about her. RTC isn’t going to do much for me and her damage output is low even at level 22. She is also a bit on the slower side when compared to Pyrritator. Good thing about her is she is immune and has higher hp. I’ve fought Tryostronix before but have never find her a challenge. Am I missing something? Everyone’s raving about Skeletor.

Edit to Add: I need to do more friendly battles


Haha, I hear ya man. Slowpoke has a great move set, but I feel like it’ll be one of those players that has just too many weak points. I may end up going the rajanky route too.

There seems to be a trend of people starting out with tryox anticipating an opponents stegod to go first but it looks only marginally effective. It may knock out about 1/2 to 2/3s of a stegods HP but it’ll die that first round anyway (even when powered up).

And Even though it’s “only an epic” and isn’t immune … I use my gorgo for those purposes. It’s just as fast as tryox but has 2 defense shattering moves and cleansing impact for those sticky situations. I don’t see myself replacing it anytime soon, even for tryox.

Feel free to friendly battle me if I’m online.
If by chance I reject, plz don’t take it personally, I’m probably eyeing a dino to dart.

Hersh (2723)