Who to replace Thor with?

As I’m getting a bit bored with encountering OP Thors in the arena, I’ve decided that I want to replace mine (the temptation to ‘Megafy’ him is strong…)

I’m thinking of two candidates;

Tryostronix and Tylacotayor.

I like Tryo as an immune chomper with good speed really appeals to me, but at team level Tyla seems like a really nice option, with a versatile kit for taking down different kinds of enemies.

Has anyone any experience with either of these at Gyrosphere level?

For context, this is my team:

  • Tryostronix
  • Thylacotator
  • Something else (see comment)
  • Keep Thor you fool!

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I get fed up of highly boosted Thor too, but there’s a real good reason they are so often encountered.

Because they are good.

Simple :man_shrugging:

I would say go with thylacotator since it didn’t get the extra delay nerf. It’s especially good at taking down non-immune tanks, and with rending takedown, does just fine against the tower titans as well.

But wait until whatever you choose is closer in level to thor, because even if thor isn’t great unboosted now, level still matters

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i don’t think so. like dracoceratops, i believe some people are still using because they reached a very high level thanks to last metas. now they use not because they are good (apex mid is not tyrant), but because they are higher levels yet.

as people can level up better meta creatures, replacements will be natural.


When you are up against a high level and high boosted Thor, there is often nothing you can do about it.

I fully get that it isn’t up to much without boosts, but the majority are heavily boosted, and when they are faster than you it’s pretty much game over for your Dino and often the next one too.

A quick look at the top 25 players sees 8 using Thor. So in reality it isn’t as crap as people say it is.

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I would say Thylo. I use it and hang about in high Library/low Gyro and it performs well enough. Suitably boosted it can just about beat any non-immune

Another consideration is Smilonemys. It terrorises Erlidom and the Indos, plus being immune to slow and stun makes it useful against Maxima and Thor too.


I think you should keep your Thor as a way to fight fire with fire for when you face them in arena. If all else fails you can always boost the attack and the speed so that you have an upperhand.

Do not use Tryostronix. You have a magnapyritor and you are going to be competing for resources with Dimetrodon.
Thor is your most powerful dinosaur based on levels. So whatever you replace Thor with, you are going to drop rank.
If you hate Thor so much, may I suggest putting in the dinosaur the majority of Thor lovers hate,
Procerathomimus. Behind almost every Procerathomimus hating poster you will find a person with a “Thor f :heart:r Life” coffee mug or bumper sticker
Otherwise I might suggest Quetzorion, Smilonemys, Gemintitan or Grypoyth.


Between Thor, Tryostronix, & Thylacotator, I’d use Thylacotator. I dropped my level 25 Thor for level 21 Thyla. Thyla’s not the best at this level, but it’s still better than Thor for me.
One of the beautiful things about Thylacotator (and most bleeders) is it doesn’t need any boosts at all to do its job. More resources for the rest of the squad.
If I had Quetzorion, Smilonemys, Geminititan, or Grypolyth, I would also consider using those like @Whitecat31 said.

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When boost 2.0 came out I benched the highest level dino on my team L27 Thor. I used a L23 smilonemys in its place. I used it unboosted to L26 and got better at using it and now I have boosted and not looking back. Smilonemys and Quetzorion would be great replacements for Thor.

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replace a so high creature is only when other option is high enough to compete. otherwise, keep it.

i kept my suchotator until better options leveled enough.

doesn’t help dropping a lvl 27 apex rare and place a lvl 16 tyrant legendary, for ex.

smilonemys for life. :turtle: :cat2:

not so good against thors. you’ll battle with rng there. but does wonders against erlidoms and even the indos.

Thanks for all the insights guys.
Lots for me to consider.
I might plop for Smilonemys, depending on how much turtle DNA my Alliance can get!