Who to replace Thor with? 🤔

Just need some help deciding who to replace Thor with. I plan on replacing Stegod with Monostego when I get it up to level, since I need a swap in creature. I wouldn’t mind another swap in creature to replace Thor with, but I don’t know what. Any help would be appreciated :grin:

nemys is still pretty good even with the attack nerf. I’ve also had luck with grypolyth and orion.

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Might try out Nemys, although I’ve been saving Carbo for the deer. Still need to unlock Carbotop

i use nemys as a wall. shuts down erlidoms pretty well. Occasionally she can punish a DC that shows up. I swear her SIS always connects on them.

Nemys is pretty hard for me to level, although a swap in stunner would be nice. Does the new deer have swap in stun?

it has swap in heal.

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Come Thylo, lay your knowledge upon me.

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Ooh hat Dilorach I think can go up to team lvl its a good revenge killer or thor an tryko counter as well as something good for terium and monilia, but tha up to you, nemys is good although it will probably be hard to lvl up, indo seems honestly like you best option.

The proble wit trysor is it needs to set up to be efficient, allowing is worse thor, and uthasino unless boosted is very bad these days

That stego tho might need replacing soon.

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Of course. Monostego shall take it’s place soon enough.

Lol you do you I have added magna back to my team recently repacking spxs since I just need the coin to get it to lvl 23 so we each have our favs and play styles

Replace her with the one and only Smilonemys. She never lets me down, even with the harsh and redundant 100 damage nerf.

Also dont know if its really your b-day but happy birthday and if not just ignore this :laughing:

It’s my birthday for joining the forum :rofl:
My actual birthday was the 23rd.

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lol they honestly just have an anniversary like badge instead

Anyway I think you team is good nothing that holds you back really expect that stegodeous.

I don’t know, what do you guy’s think, should I unlock the deer, and put it on my team, or go with Nemys?

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Nemys all the way

I have 1000 and something Carbo saved up, should I just go ahead and use it for Nemys? Or should I at least unlock Carbotop?

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Phorusaura. Stuns on swap in and got the priority rampage to take out a low health charging Thor or a low health Dirorajasaur, Trykosaur etc trying to distract you or use their invincible shield

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