Who to replace?


I just got rajakylo and tonight i’ll be creating paramoloch, and in a week i’ll have monostegotops. so big changes will happen in my time for sure.
this is my current time. how can i fit this new guys into it? also if you got any tips on how to use them or against what dino i’ll be grateful!!
btw, im at 3600 trophies


I would replace Nodopatosaurus with your Rajakylosaurus. Higher damage output and far superior movesets.


i think the same. and what about paramoloch and monostego? what you think i should do?


Paramoloch is a stunner, so it may be able to replace your stegocera. Monostego in for Trex probably since you can already rampage with Gorgo. or keep Trex and replace Megalo with it since Megalo is a bit lacking in its abilities.